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Viper free calls capable of spying and GPS!

News reports revealed that the "Viper", which provides contact and communicate with others for free through telephone calls, video and text messaging has the ability to read all the names and messages in the phone book, even those that are not within the program.
Reports indicated that the program, which exceeded the number of users 100 million users around the world, has the authority to determine the user's location geographical, personal accounts and record audio, images and video recording and can access all files on the phone and read the settings and even programs used on smart phones which makes data users vulnerable to abuse.

The website of the Ministry of Industry, "Israel" stated that the application of 'Viper' user on smartphones, which allows to make calls and send free SMS messages back to an Israeli company.
The Web site said that 100 million people are using the 'Viper', although users are conducting calls by him for a period of up to one billion minutes, and sent about a thousand text message through a monthly basis.
According to the site «Wikipedia», the «Talmon Marco» founder and owner of the company «Viper Media» is an Israeli - U.S. served 4 years in the Israeli Defense Ministry, and served as Executive Director responsible for the information in the Central Command, which holds a concession from the University of Tel Aviv with a degree in Computer Science and Management, and the company headquarters 'Viper' in Cyprus. And search for previous projects of the company's founder 'Viper' found that his file-sharing programs on the Internet to download the malicious software and spy tools and penetration on users' computers, for example iMesh - Bandoo.
Noteworthy that the 'Viper' a non-profit company, offers a free service 100% free of ads, which raises the question about the purpose of the fact that the program is free for 100 million users around the world.

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