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U.S. study: Humans are getting stupid

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Said U.S. researcher, said the average intelligence among humans in a gradual decline, justifying his theory that man was in great need of mental abilities when he was wandering around in small groups in the wild to survive, but the importance of intelligence fell with the start of humanitarian practice agriculture and stability and live in communities more.

And dissemination Gerlad Craptre researcher in the science of evolution bio Stanford University of America, his findings Tuesday in the journal "تريندس The Genetics", according to the study, the intelligence of a human based on about 2000 to 5000 Jane, according to the theory became humans and after the development of agriculture live in larger groups supporting individuals less intelligent.

Said lead study author and quoted as saying by German news agency, "The previous studies have shown that these genes are very susceptible to mutation and likely to be human have lost the level of intelligence gradually over 120 previous generation, ie over about 3,000 years ago.

The Craptre explained that "if we were visited by a citizen of ancient Greece, this traveler through time besting the us a lot of intelligence and obviously will be faster and better memory."

According to this theory, the man who was not used his brain in the past was not able to feed himself or protection from predators and the most intelligent human beings they are best placed to survive, which has led to an increasing proportion of human intelligence permanently.

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