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Sewer pipes .. Shelters for Israelis

Forced rockets fired by Palestinian resistance factions on towns in southern Israel, dozens of Israelis to hide in concrete sewer pipes, hastily deployed in open areas.

Apparently, the durability enjoyed by such tubes pushed the Israeli authorities to publish in a number of areas that fall where rockets Palestinian resistance, in a quick and Annie to the problem of securing the population of these areas, although it is not intended for the purpose of including hunker down and hide.

The pictures showed several media published dozens of Israelis who are running for cover in these tubes with the launch of siren alarms that resounds with every wave of rockets from Gaza into Israel. This is the first time that the Israelis resort to this kind of shelters.

For the fourth day in a row did not stop the sirens announcing the Israelis need to accelerate to take to the shelters, in anticipation of the Gaza rockets. And some Israelis also resorted to take shelter subway stations and trains.

Pipe was not a refuge for Israeli civilians only, but pictures showed soldiers in military bases on the edge of the Gaza Strip and they are hiding in a pipe in order to avoid the Palestinian rockets.

And launched these scenes collection of jokes on social networking sites, one that says "Israel calls on citizens to reduce the use toilets taking into account the conditions of their brothers hiding in the sewer pipes of the Palestinian resistance missiles."

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Egyptian blogger asked: "I know love feeling the Israelis are tactful them two days Aychen in sewer pipes?". And ridiculed Palestinian blogger, saying: "This is the invincible army, which will sweep the Strip, hiding in the drainage pipes for fear of Gaza rockets."

The blogger fourth wrote: "Railways are no longer accommodate the case of collective escape for residents of the settlements surrounding the Gaza Strip yesterday and they are now in the sewer pipes."

Chen Israel since last Wednesday a military operation in the Gaza Strip called it "divine punishment", and started targeting the commander of the Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, Ahmed Jabari, and until the moment resulted in killing 40 Palestinians and 3 Israelis.

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