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British back to life after the announcement of his death twice

Enables medical team consisting of 34 people - with God's help - to save the life British "Lewis Qodfrey", 23 years after nearly dying under the wheels of a large truck weighing 15 tons, while pay held offshore are some people who fight with them in the street, causing him in serious injuries.

The medics put together some pieces of flesh littered Louis on the road and put it in a blanket before rushed to the hospital for treatment despite the announcement of his death was first at the scene.

And displayed "Louis" to a serious injury in the head and diverged large pieces of skin as out some intestines from his stomach and crushed part of it completely and sustained fractures to double and have large amounts of blood in stock shocking of all, especially the medical staff who proceeded remedied within 16 days he spent in the coma. The doctors then predicted that Lewis wakes from a coma deep in the brain disorder with hemiplegia lose the ability to walk.

But after five months of complex surgical procedures inside and outside his body and after sessions of intense physical therapy under the supervision of six doctors and eighteen members of the nurses and three paramedics and two specialists in physical therapy and five specialists began "Louis" symmetry gradually recovering and restore vital body functions and kinetic, especially after the installation of a slice of titanium in his head for a return comparable to its natural form, but he - he says - I do not remember exactly عراكه that night, its causes and how accident happened to him or how run over by a truck.

And cross-Louis expressed gratitude to all of helped him to come back to life and to recover after his heart stopped twice and was declared his death accordingly, but he thanks God and thanks to advanced healthcare which was presented to him as he says and quickly salvaged and efficient medical team struggled to stay alive despite from the horror of what happened to him as the description of his father, "Graham - 48", which seemed very happy his son who survived almost lose it not for the kindness of God, then the ability of the medical team.

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