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Briton becomes first man to visit all countries in the world by land

Briton became the first person to visit every country in the world in a journey that took nearly four years, and it ended officially this week visited South Sudan, according to the newspaper (Daily Mirror) British.

The newspaper pointed out that Graeme Hughes (33 years), spent 1426 days to visit every country in the world's 201 countries and pieces which 250 thousand kilometers by road using buses, trains and ferries, taxis, cargo ships and barges.

The British explorer Miqdaam Hughes set a new world record, as the first person to visit all countries in the world by land, which make it spent on trips four years old and losing his job and his girlfriend.

The source added that Hughes concluded officially tour the world this week visited South Sudan, the latest country in the world, which was initiated in 2009 in Argentina and traveled from there to South America, Canada, Iceland, South Africa and Madagascar, Kazakhstan, Iran, Tonga and New Zealand, then returned to Africa to complete his tour from there.

Her journey Hughes, one of the British city of Liverpool, was full of excitement and setbacks, where he was admitted to prison in the Republic of Cape Verde to the belief of its powers by mistake as illegal immigrants.

The newspaper added that Hughes put behind bars in the Congo for its belief error of being a spy, and was detained by police in Russia when he tried to cross a river.

He told the British explorer Daily Mirror "that cross the border into southern Sudan this week was surreal, and it's great to be the world record holder and can stand now along with the holders of the titles of World Records in sports such as distance runner short Usain Bolt."
Hughes said he wanted from behind his journey to all countries of the world "to prove to people that they do not need because they are the owners of millions for doing things like that, and hopes now to return to Britain on December 22 next to celebrate with family and friends happy with the great."

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