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Lebanese Millionaire: Fabregas stole my wife from me while we were preparing for a third child

Occur millionaire Lebanese living in Britain how he Spaniard and Barcelona star current and former Arsenal Cesc Fabregas from stealing his wife and compatriot Daniela Simon when were preparing for the birth of a third child for them, and still Daniela friendly player Spanish until today, according to convey to you in the world for Sun.

He discovered the Laleli Tctouk millionaire who lives in London with his wife betray with Fabregas when he saw the pictures in the newspaper of the Spanish player during a vacation with "mysterious brunette" and known to his wife (38 years) in the photos.

Today it is Eli (also 38 years) never forced to see the Spanish player (25 years) as a substitute parent to his two children; boy (8 years), and girls (11 years old).

Said Tctouk pain: "I was completely shocked and remained so for months, I was in the previous period the situation of denial, but I no longer want to never return."

He added: "The moment I saw pictures with him I felt disgusted their behavior and cut off all my emotions ... We have been preparing for the arrival of a third child when it happened."

And continued Tctouk: "I'm not surprised, I do not expect him less than that, I do not care mainly 25-year-old ... and stupid, which will leave sooner or later with exhausted his money and fame withering ... in the end is not David Beckham."

Eli live in Knightsbridge in west London, and married Daniella in their native Lebanon in 1998.

And last year in June specifically saw Eli photo of his wife wearing a bikini in the bosom of Fabregas on the swimming pool and above the Jet Ski in Nice in southern France.

Fabregas, who was moved to Barcelona for a big deal reached to 25 million pounds, had just separated from his childhood sweetheart Carla Garcia.

In the divorce settlement rewarded Daniela allow them a month to get 2,500 pounds of her husband out of the 10 thousand students.

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