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Ban nudity in the city protesters took off their clothes

Did not live up to the protesters in the city of San Francisco, California, USA, the authorities' decision to ban nudity in the city Its public to express resentment at the disposal of their clothes in front of government headquarters.

The City Council sergeants had ratified the decision to ban nudity in public, Tuesday, at 6 to 5 votes.

And rejected one of the members of the Board of Censors, named Scott Weiner, supporters of "decency", claims described the move as a violation of freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution.

And Weiner told CNN: "City believes in freedom, and always we were one of those who believe freedom and freedom of expression, but to take off pants to review your members nationality anyone is not freedom of expression."

 Supporters of "nudity" step, so the number of protesters city hall impartiality of their clothes after the announcement of the decision, and security forces rushed threw blankets on them and drag them away from the place.

Cristina Daeduardo said, supporters of nudity lawyer, legal proceedings based on that the ban violates the rights guaranteed under the "First Amendment."

The city law imposes a fine of between 100 and $ 500 on violators of the decision to ban nudity, and in the case of repeated "crime" three times during the one, the punishment of up to spend a year behind bars.

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