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Lover sea from Turkey to Britain 8 months to ask for her hand ..Considered crazy!

Turkish man sailed for eight months categorically 2,500 miles at sea from Turkey to Britain to climb to his lover that has informed the police, and was arrested.

The site said "Russia Today" The British Courtney Murray possessed the heart of the Turkish Ramadan Noyan Ghuloom (38 years) when they offered him coffee in a restaurant during vacations in Cyprus.

Since that moment, the lover his mind became traces girl. Courtney felt that what he is doing is crazy. As it is, I think that the refusal was just kind of auctioneer, designed more and more.

And left for her to escape from the man and returned to Britain, he decided that chased around the world aboard his yacht.

The record "Crazy Love" journey in his blog on the Internet included sufferings and calamities faced by the where he was arrested in Spain and Italy for not having enough papers to prove his identity and ownership and so he put one occasion in a mental institution. He was forced to a hunger strike.
He was lover on his blog "hunger strike to Courtney Murray .. ugly world without you."

Ramadan wrote in a post by "the mandate stupid girl you do not understand why I'm coming.'m Coming to ask for your hand, to marry you, for you Your mother my children, I love you more than you imagine, and I'm coming."

Some observers considered his blog that he needs to be treated myself, some women felt that what he is doing is the most romantic acts at all and became liturgical Courtney to respond to his love and marry him.

The "Lady women" cold blood and heart, rather than to respond and condescend on Ramadan lover and Han, contacted the police to protect them from this "Crazy tracker who threatened," she said.

Above all, friends Courtney commented on the Turkish Code of relatives as they vowed to inform the police immediately if man tried to contact the girl, and told him that Courtney is married and happy in her marriage.

Sources in the British Home Office had been detained Turkish (Crazy Murray) when trying to enter the country without a valid travel visa, and that he will be deported to Turkey.

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