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Sources: 65 dead victims of Gaza, half of them women and children

Health Minister in the movement Hamas useful Mukhalalati, the death toll in Gaza since Israel launched its offensive on Wednesday, reached 65 people, half of them women and children, were killed while more than 560 people.

No disclose Mukhalalati many gunmen who killed among those proceeds.

On Sunday, he said Aqsa TV, which is funded by Hamas, the Israeli raid on a house in Gaza, killing 10 people from one family, including five children and four women.

The Information Office of the Ministry of Health that he "found the body of a baby Ibrahim Aquarius (11 months) under the ruins of the house," consisting of 3 floors.

Also wounded six Palestinian journalists on Sunday when Israeli warplanes targeted two buildings to Palestinian news agencies and a small number of international media, according to reports of the Palestinian government.

The Israeli army issued a video showing that the "precision bombing" that targeted communication processes of Hamas, on the roof of a building and the media in Gaza, which was bombed.

The army also said it killed Yahya Biya, one of the leaders in the Hamas movement and responsible for the rocket fire, in a targeted raid Sunday in Gaza, but Hamas did not immediately confirm the news.

The Israeli army reported that the rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip in recent days, killing at least three people and wounded 68, including a number of soldiers along the border between Israel and Gaza.

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