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Life imprisonment for raping student journalist

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Punished Criminal Court in Dubai, yesterday, the student (P. P - ‬ 24 years), from the Gulf state, life imprisonment after being convicted of kidnapping and extortion victim (p. A.. Q), journalist, aged ‬ 28 years, and raped her.


Filed his wife after carrying on his shoulders 5 years

I knew, yesterday, the story of Algerian Salim, who was carrying his wife on his shoulders for a full five years, and reported in the Arab media, the end of an unfortunate, after I became Muslim wife "healthy" spirit to the maker after degradation, and doctors were unable to be addressed, where she died after spent 16years with her ​​husband.


Police in Bangkok and 100 women born at the traffic lights

Gen. Manit and Angsomboon, Deputy Commissioner of Police Office of the Thai capital, Bangkok, yesterday, that the police helped to Bangkok during the last 15 years at least 100 women to give birth during the overcrowding and traffic congestion that has become familiar in the streets of the city.German news agency quoted yesterday as saying by the Angsomboon: «One of our officers has its own generation of 30 women, this may be a record. We must make sure of Encyclopedia (Guinness) ». He added: «Today, for the first time we have included 10 women in a team of trainees .. Because we believe that policewomen will add a touch thinner on the operations of Obstetrics ». The police official was speaking yesterday on the sidelines of the arrival of a new batch of 100 Chertia of traffic to a Bangkok hospital as a prelude to undergo an intensive one-day in the «allocate» generation of pregnant women in the cars during traffic jams.It should be noted that the Bangkok police had embarked on the preparation of training courses on the generation of some of the traffic police officers on the operations of birth 15 years ago. According to the Agency, the police provide these courses for selected individuals, and conducted the first generation of a woman during traffic jams on 8 September 1997.What deserves to be mentioned, that the population of Bangkok more than 10 million people, suffering from severe traffic congestion caused by decades of economic recovery, which is manifestation in the entry of more than 100 thousand cars per year the city's streets. As a result of this fact, it was agreed to establish a generating unit within the Metropolitan Police after he faced cops working on the street a sudden increase in the number of pregnant women to be unable to reach hospitals in time for the situation.On the other hand, said Phichit and Asatchuti, the police officer who alone helped 30 women to give birth, the Agency: «The hardest part (of the task) is to try to get rid of the curious. The other is trying to take photos or videos of the birthing process which constitutes a violation of the rights of Ms. specificities ».
Source: Middle East 

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