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Egyptian usurp student preparatory because she refused to marry him

مصري يغتصب طالبة بالإعدادي لأنها رفضت الزواج منه

Strip student at the Institute of Languages​​, Ain Shams area in Cairo feelings of humanity when he was kidnapped third preparatory grader, and raped her with the help of his friend, and in retaliation after they refused to marry him for his misconduct.

The police had received a communication from the student reported that they were linked romantically student who Institute tongues, and after discovering misconduct rejected his sermon, but he and retaliation waited as she flew to replace the work of her father, and was hijacked by the help of his friend retaliation, and carried out by forcing at gunpoint to climb to his home, and unable to have intercourse with sexually and force them to sign a receipt Secretariat for not reporting them.

And adjust the defendants through a number of ambushes, Facing confessed to committing the incident, and seized receipts Secretariat, and notified the prosecutor to initiate an investigation.

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