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Viper free calls capable of spying and GPS!

News reports revealed that the "Viper", which provides contact and communicate with others for free through telephone calls, video and text messaging has the ability to read all the names and messages in the phone book, even those that are not within the program.
Reports indicated that the program, which exceeded the number of users 100 million users around the world, has the authority to determine the user's location geographical, personal accounts and record audio, images and video recording and can access all files on the phone and read the settings and even programs used on smart phones which makes data users vulnerable to abuse.


Israel .. Prostitutes engaged in their work "noble" with the knowledge of their husbands to keep their families

إسرائيل .. بائعات هوى يمارسن عملهن

Broadcast on Israeli television recently reported a photographer about prostitutes in the country, threw light on another aspect of their lives, and with reference to that many of them women on a high degree of culture and Crops university degrees and women parameters, forced harsh living conditions to practice this profession. Among these women is that it causes "a noble act" as they have made an preserve families and protect them from loss because of the accumulated debt. It is worth mentioning that women eating a report as representing the middle class segment in Israel, and not the poor.

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