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The world's longest marriage


In an age many marriages which do not last only for a few years, come to us Young extended relationship between the two to 87 years .. And still are.

"Karam" (107 years old) and his wife "Karatay Chand" (100) Mature from India are now symbols of a successful marriage in the world, have lived together for 87 years and have 8 children, 28 grandchildren and a granddaughter.
He says the "generosity" The secret lies in its ability to provoke laughter his wife where, exchanging jokes all the time and keeps her smile, that is his way of making her love her.
It tells "Karatay" about her experience in the success of this marriage, she was keen every night to cook for her husband and meal loved, especially since it loves eating vegetables which helped in the preparation of healthy meals, and confirmed the couple that their keenness to spend time every day together was motivation ideal to make them remain, together for a marriage that lasted for nearly a century, P "generosity" take his wife with him wherever he went and never move away.
And attached the "generosity" of marital problems taking place in this day and age that the reason is the lack of interest of each party to listen to the other, people seem busy all the time working, watching TV, and social networking, but it's different between him and his wife "Karatay" where they were interested in listening to each other the other, and give attention to every detail narrated by the one and that seemed trivial.
Celebrated duo at the moment the 87 anniversary of their marriage, and names are included in the standard Guinness "Guinness" as the world's tallest marriage.

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