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Dangerous hidden camera for 2013 - Video

أخطر كاميرا خفية لعام 2013 - فيديو

Who described the most serious video camera hidden in 2013, is an awareness rather than a comedy, the significance of this video is that we always have to do good work in our lives before death, do not come back able to go back and correct errors.


Video of a professional driver bus passes through the narrow tunnel without scratching


In rare skill visibility on the Internet without being part of a cinematic trick films, the driver managed to pass a large bus through a tunnel is too narrow.

Video of the most dangerous leap in the world


If you think that the jump from a bridge with a rope rubber is dangerous, perhaps you imagine jumping from an apartment building as he did a group of Russian adventurers from above is built up to 15 storeys.


Video: the arrest of one of the gunmen who stormed the University Fullerton California


Kittens watching tennis - Video

قطتان صغيرتان تشاهدا مباراة للتنس بحماسة كبيرة - فيديو
In video Tarif shows cats small see tennis match where it is known that what distinguishes tennis matches is the speed in performance, therefore appeared that performance on the face of cats, which were headed for quickly with direction play more the play at the top looked cats to the top together, and whenever playing in the bottom considered a trend down together in the footage funny and exciting and funny.


Video .. Screaming and crying Israeli army recruits of the resistance missiles

Video clip revealed panic of Israeli soldiers from Palestinian resistance missiles, where the Israeli army recruits appears they weep and cry out panic because of the sound of sirens after the fall of the Palestinian resistance missiles, revealing the extent of the horror experienced by the Israeli occupation army soldiers from the confrontation with the Palestinians.


Saw the girl who cried tedious Obama and Romney

Spread a video clip on YouTube appear girl at the age of four crying in front of her family, saying she tired of news "Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney," and just days before the presidential election. And revealed the "Arab. Net" that video has had a major impact in the United States, which suffers from a surfeit media because of the election campaign.


Moments before the adventurer "Felix" jumps from a height of 39 meters (live video of the event)

Austrian adventurer succeeded "Felix Baumgartner," jumping off the edge of space from a height of about 39 meters speeds in excess of 1100 kilometers per hour, and this success is Felix the first person to break the sound barrier without the help of an aircraft or spacecraft.

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