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Palestinian family killed one of her sons after failing committing adultery with his minor daughter and having them

عائلة فلسطينية تقتل أحد أبنائها بعد ثبوت ارتكابه جريمة الزنى مع ابنته القاصر وإنجابه منها
Proceeded family in Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, the first day of Eid al-Fitr to end the life of one of her sons, after testing continued committing adultery with his minor daughter, and to have them.

Multiple sources said, that the family killed her son "g, a" old (44 years) after testing exercise adultery with his daughter for several months, to be exposed his begetting a baby girl of his daughter, who at the age (16 years).

According to the same sources has exploited her son's family out of prison for a holiday vacation for the abduction and murder and dumped in a deserted area west of the camp, before the police find him and bury him in the presence of a small number of citizens who were surprised I did awful.

In the details of the case, the head of the family unemployed for years and supports large families took advantage of the naivety of his daughter to practice adultery with her in times that were where his wife is absent from the home.

With continued adultery began landmarks pregnancy clear, the daughter who was studying in the tenth grade private large belly, however, has not transferred to the doctor for inspection, during which the father tried to exploit criminal naivete and assure her that the girl was not carrying her father.

With the continued pregnancy and the impending birth daughter began to complain of stomach cramps continuously intensified with the approach of the birth, reported by the mother to the hospital for doctors discover that the girl pregnant is in labor.

With cries of indignation and surprise of the mother quoted her daughter to the maternity ward at the hospital to give birth born there, amid the screams of the bereaved mother fainted more than once is certified what happened to her daughter.

After transfer born to relevant institutions in the Gaza police began immediately an investigation into the crime of adultery, only to discover that the actor is the father, she miscarried was arrested and began an investigation into the incident, confessed the deed to investigators, and was at the conclusion of the investigation turned to the courts to complete the procedures of justice against him.

Citizens relay during the past few days have been killed the father and his crime with his daughter, and there was in their midst a sense of relief for the punishment of it.

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