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The most prevalent myths in the Arab world


Are two myths, the first adults to be sure that it is not real and its purpose to frighten young children, and the second is spread among adults in some others deny it, and this month myths that are widespread among us Arabs of both types.

1) Ghoul
Word popular in the Arab community to describe a monster fantasy predator, his name appeared frequently in folk tales and considered objects frightening, used to mothers in the Arab world to frighten their children by for them to sleep or to comply with the orders in general, and from it derived Ogress that appeared in the epic "Saif bin ever weighing, "and Ghoul impossible that the three famous poetic" Ghoul - Phoenix - loyal back. "

2) Order of the Phoenix
One of the three impossible (with the Ghoul loyal and vinegar), a mythical giant bird, some Arabs said they saw him in Egypt, which is characterized by its ability to return to life from the ashes, as it burns self at the end of each session of his life.

3) the sock inverted
In the past, they hate the shoes inverted and consider a bad omen, or an invitation to the devil to replace the place. Most of us if he did not believe these myths, it does not assume the existence of the sock upside down.

4) wheezing at night
Many of us when the river was called whistling at night is usually hated in many countries of the Arab country, such as the ancients considered it adhaan to the devil as well, and there are those who believe that this brings snakes.

5) Bull Holder planet
Read a novel of World writer, "Naguib Mahfouz" "Palace Walk" will know the content of this myth, which was widespread in the Arab world, where she was "safe" (from the characters of the novel) believes that there is a bull horns on the planet, which is similar to the Greek myth of Atlas, which This makes the hero carries out the globe on his shoulders all the time.

6) Saloh
Or Salah, a personal fairy Satanic female, which is like a woman who seduce men and kill them. Saloh form a strange and scary, full of hair She has like a monkey, but it does have the ability to switch in the form of a beautiful woman in good shape long cod, and tidy grooming, entice men and then kill them and kill them. In other accounts if they are impressed by what the man who kidnapped him under the river and marry him and have his children and return years later.

7) Alandahh
Is the equivalent of the Egyptian Saloh, but less mercy as they once seduce a man, they turn to Gul and was followed immediately, and there is no possibility that the lower back or leave it like Saloh marry him.

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