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To find the Russian girl 5 years old living with a herd of cows

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Police found a Russian girl aged 5 years, living with a herd of cows in the "Solikamsk" in the Ural Mountains, after receiving a tip from neighbors and the girl's father stating their existence in a barn animals belonging to the father of the child.

According to police, the girl who is found in deplorable condition and it is not only of clothing which covers the nakedness, were not able to speak, adding that she was continuing through the bellows and the tradition of sound cows. How surprising it stayed alive for so long,

This has to send the girl to the police, a rehabilitation center in preparation for delivery to a foster family.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first incident of its kind taking place in Russia, it was earlier in the region of Siberia to find the child in the age of two living in an apartment with a group of dogs and "bark" like her, where her father locked her there, according to the same source .

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