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Urchin called 500 shares on the spinal dog attacked him

Counter-attack with 500 shares truck, the share of dog attacked the urchin in Oklahoma City, but he called it a barrage of arrows hit her face and part of her body, according to the newspaper "New York Daily News" of America.

According to the source, bitch "Bella Mae" aged 3 years, revolved around the pool in the backyard of a house owner, in Oklahoma when she glimpsed urchin. She said the dog was with two other dogs, and although they were far from the hedgehog, but he fired arrows at them, and the share of "Bella" is a major.

The owner of the bitch Alison Knowles, said the situation was terrifying, and noted that despite the withdrawal of the majority of arrows, but they still find some of them in the face of "Bella". She believed that the hedgehog was drinking water from a pond when he launched his attack on the dogs. Quoted bitch to emergency center for the animals, where a doctor and two nurses took two hours to pull the arrows fork of her face and her mouth and lists.

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