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Association of British plans to set up an Olympic Games for the naked!

جمعية بريطانية تعتزم اقامة ألعاب أولمبية للعراة!

Announced society "Brodlandz" in East England Norfolk County, which includes the nature lovers and striptease for the establishment of the Summer Olympics naked in the period between 8 and 12 August / August.

It is possible to take part in the Olympics of naked members of the association and representatives from other English clubs nudist too. It is expected to join the guests and participants from other countries arrived to watch the competitions XXX Olympiad in London.

He was on the Olympic Games naked "Young British Naturists Olympic Event", although the majority of participants in the Club "Brodlandz" people in middle age.

Organizers of the event and promised to the participants by giving them a great impression and unforgettable memories, with reference to that everyone can take part in the Olympics, regardless of their level of physical rehabilitation.

The idea of ​​a "naked Olympics" before World War II in Europe, where the first took place in 1939 in Switzerland, which was then considered a center of naked Europeans. And Australia was held in such games more than once.

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