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Permanent wife of her husband on the anniversary of their marriage entirety

Received "Nigel Bryant" (50 years) from Sutton Coldfield West Midlands Province and in Britain the most expensive gift from his wife, "Nicole" (48 years) in the memory of rejoicing after the wedding to donate her kidney.

He says, "Nigel", who was undergoing kidney dialysis three sessions a week for four hours per session, that this is the greatest and most precious gift possible received that his life has changed for the better and will not return this generosity can never have.

Nigel has been rumored a lot at first before accepting the gift of fear for his wife, who stood its ground in support of her husband.

Nicole said, "I wanted to do anything relieves the pain of my husband and make him live a better life. I did not hesitate when test results showed the possibility of showing him my donation and is now in better shape than before and this is the whole joy to our family."

Been diagnosed with "Nigel" kidney failure in 2007 after several health problems began to suffer in early 1993 but his health in general began to improve after his wife donated to him.

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