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How to be a wealth of your bedroom?

If you are a student at the school or at the university and want to get the extra income to buy more of your needs, you only need to equip a computer and a fast connection to the Internet, and went to the bedroom to start with one of the following projects:

Trader "Elf"
Trade has its own taste no matter how small, so we suggest you go to the sites where they are selling used items, and customize a simple budget to buy used products and re-offered for sale in the same site, or through other sites. If you do not have a budget simple to implement, simply perform the following plan: Consider the ads of used cars, and if you see a car with good specifications and relatively cheap price, then publish the same ad on another site, but be sure to put your personal phone number. Someone will contact you to preview the car and bargains in price, then you should contact with the owner of the original ad and inform him that you will be the intermediary, and you will get the amount thousand riyals for example compared to selling the car on the way. If the attempt is successful, you will find a great opportunity to increase your profits through the development of many ads on the site is essentially ads for other vendors but you are brokering for profit.

It is not necessary that arise forums, but there are many blogs that give readers the opportunity to write articles or blogging for the amount of money, and these blogs Creative Weblogging network, which includes Blogs allow readers to write and earn money through it. To start blogging Arab, you first launch a blog of your own specialized sport, for example, and then started blogging mathematical analysis matches and exciting comments, then Start vaccinating sports products within articles, and type promotions on shoes, or sportswear, to attract specialized companies selling devices and sportswear to be under its auspices.

Working for some important sites
Look for the large Arab websites and nature of the work requires the diversification of its human resources, and show them via e-mail send them a chance of school or university, to move to press reports in the youth sections. But what if you do not have the ability to write and edit? Well, you can provide services in graphic design if you have the talent, or the data entry process if you quickly in printing such as table entry programs in the websites of television channels Arab, or work in the sections that require interaction with readers such as forums, or Facebook or Twitter .
To be able to write and speak in English, it is possible to find many job opportunities by working as reporters with specialized sites attracting young people from their homes, such as site Odesk, Scriptlance or GetAfreelancer.

Reductase audio files
Considered to be one of the easiest ways to make money and basically rely on my skills, good pronunciation of the first and second language quickly listen to the contents of the original audio file that the owner wants to print it. Can be done through websites that are interested to broadcast great content from video sites such as news channels, where possible to contact them and convince them that you are able to convert audio or video file to Article Read placed alongside video and audio files.

Translation of documents and files
If you are good at a language, used his talent in the translation of documents and files that posed by some Internet users for translation. To do that job you need to be proficient in drafting sentences and use grammar. To achieve this, you only need to register in translation ŢŃćČÇĘ, or sites that are looking for employment Free lancer to perform translation tasks at low rates, which will cooperate with you less expensive than professional interpreters.

Designing logos for "young"
When the idea is a design logos "to Oguz" you should you focus on small sites, or blogs that the writing youth young age, or forums, and begin to attract by offering some prototypes of the design, and then deliver the logo after the agreement on the amount that must be paid. Remember that you must design beautiful slogans against amounts very simple, almost 500 riyals per logo, and I know that whenever your prices cheaper the more you are a competitor, and able to bring in more customers.

Creating electronic games
Many young people have sufficient imagination to invent new games, but they did not discover their ability. All you have to do is imagine stages electronic toy with all specifications and capabilities and how to play, and then agreed with a painters youth in order to provide fee initial around, then make a record legally in your name, and then show them off on companies specialized industry computer games, which you can find in Google list of their names by writing Games developer in English, or "Games developers" in Arabic.

CV writing for others
Many fail to write their curriculum vitae (CV), you are able to formulate good biographies simply offer your services across some websites and forums, compared to a modest amount of money. But you have to be different in the way we design CVs. To see a set of CV creative design just writing Creative CV on Google to find the stunning photographs open a tunnel of ideas inside your skull.

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