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U.S. woman gives birth to a child without knowing that she was pregnant

امرأة أمريكية تنجب طفلة دون أن تدري بأنها حامل

Gave birth to an American woman who assisted her in her home by police without even know she was pregnant.

The newspaper (Star Beacon) in Ohio on Wednesday, Osaerno for Mackenzie, that her husband had called emergency on Sunday after suffering from severe pain in the stomach.

Save the man and arrived home to see the condition of the woman where she was discovered in the labor and give birth to a child.

Osaerno said, "I had no idea I was pregnant," she said "I have not helped any of the symptoms and nausea in the morning and nothing, and suddenly I felt a lot of pain and then came the girl child". And has a child in good health and weighs 2.7 kg, the third of the binary.

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