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Opening of the cafe of grief in China that allows patrons to express their grief into tears of collective

Allowed the Chinese government opened the cafe grief allows patrons to express their grief in tears together, according to the newspaper "Today" Saudi Arabia.
 افتتاح مقهى للحزن بالصين يتيح لرواده التعبير عن حزنهم بالبكاء الجماعي
The newspaper said that the cost of attendance of the cafe "50 yuan / $ 6", with each hour to provide the best drinks to customers who are going to cry.
She said the cafe provides napkins and peppermint oil to relieve pain depressed, it also offers onion and red pepper to help those who want to shed tears.

The expert psychological and neurological diseases, this method helps in the treatment of psychological problems, pointing out that it has a scientific basis in psychiatry known as group therapy, which depends on meeting the owners of psychological problems in one place to vent what is inside them talk about their problems.
In this atmosphere, sad music playing in the cafe, which provides emotional ties to the owners of broken dolls in the form of women to pay back, set aside or beat her to vent their anger as well.

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