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The release of the oldest prisoner in the United States

Council launched the amnesty, Arizona American release Betty Smaithi, the oldest prisoners in the United States, after spending 49 years in prison for committing a murder.

The newspaper "Arizona Republic" American that Smaithi, attended last Monday hearing to discuss the unconditional release, and left prison Perryville, Ariz., leaning on a stick, and headed to the home of her sister's daughter in Mesa Maricopa County American.

The newspaper quoted Smaithi saying "As I told the Council, I know that I will have to adapt, but I accept this, and I benefit from this change."

She added, "It is beautiful to travel without hinted any barbed wire."

And Smaithi sentenced in 1963 for the murder of a child in the 15-month, when she was working his nanny.

After leaving prison after 49 years, became Smaithi oldest prisoners of the United States.

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