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U.S. police stopped a woman driving a topless surprise for her boyfriend!

الشرطة الأمريكية توقف سيدة تقود سيارتها وهي عارية الصدر لمفاجأة صديقها!
Adopted the woman stopped for exceeding the speed limit after a chase that it did not stop because she was driving while topless to surprise her boyfriend on the Police in the Marion area in Florida (South East).

The incident occurred Saturday when a police patrol spotted conducting routine check car traveling at high speed.

The radar showed that the car was a kind of «Ford F-250» was traveling at 114 kilometers per hour while the speed limit is 88 kilometers per hour on that road.

The police then chased the car for free in violation of the right of the driver but the latter increased its speed and fled.
After more than a sign «Stop» at one of the intersections and changed direction several times and uprooted a tree in a park managed the young woman is a waste of police.

It took police reinforcements including a helicopter to find the car that was parked outside the house accompanied by nowhere near the area that has lost its impact.

In the first place was questioned by police the car's owner, James Woodard, who confirmed that he did not use his car for some time.

Upon questioning his girlfriend Mandy Ramsey acknowledged «spontaneously» that it was behind the wheel.

And made clear it did not stop because she was «topless in the context of a surprise for her boyfriend» as was mentioned in a police report.

Were directed to an adult woman, 35, charged with escape and taken to jail and was released Monday on bail of $ 5 thousand dollars.

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