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Sister of the founder of "Facebook" is working in "Google"

Joined the younger sister of Mark Zukirburg, founder of the site "Facebook" to more aggressive rivals site "Google" after the search giant bought the company "and Aeldvair" ad hoc marketing across social networks.

The network (CNN) on Wednesday, that "Google" yesterday bought the company, "Aeldvair" Marketing through the pages of social networking in which they operate Zukirburg Aryal, the younger sister of Mark Zukirburg. Said Randy Zukirburg, sister of Mark and Ariel in its note on Twitter: "Congratulations and Aeldvair! There are now officially members of the family Zukirburg work at Google than those who are in Facebook .. This is strange," has hinted comment to the presence of individuals other than the Ariel of the family working for the "Google". The "Facebook" competing site "Google" furiously as he tries to expand the latter to include social networking.

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