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Man has not bathed in 38 years


Indian spent "Kailash Singh," a 38-year-old without a bath, after a reign taken on himself in 1974 that does not do it, or cut his hair, but if the son of livelihood.

He says, "Singh," It does not feel any unhappiness, on the contrary, although he is happy Rizq with 7 girls, and decided to "Singh" not to shower after the man who advised him to do so until the Hindu religion alive with "I'm excellent."

Despite reaching the 66, his wife of 60 years of age, there is still "Singh" waiting for the arrival of the Son, and the family says they tried to force him to shower, but it refuses to run away and always highly of them.

Works "Singh" pastoralism which exposes him to a long time for the hot sun, so do not sweat the smell of his body wand at all, that his wife has threatened to leave him and not to share the bed if you do not bathe, but did not return for his decision.

"Singh" is used only water to wash his face and hands, leaving the rest of his body and his hair long and dirty, and says he will bathe in the other life, if not alive and the Son.

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