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Two Americans, they get married .. 50 years after the divorce

Refused to allow divorced two Americans of aging that an obstacle in front of the flame of love that have returned to the burning in their hearts, they decided to marry again after 50 years of their separation and have attained the 85 years of age.

The newspaper "The Buffalo" that Luna Henderson and Ronald Davis met when they were in their teens and they were married and the couple had 4 children. And then divorced in 1964.

The younger daughter Renita Chadwick "I did not mention how their behavior towards each other but to the existence of friendship between them," she said that her mother did not say a bad word for days, and her father, and that the latter did not do that as well.

Davis has been married again and moved to Colorado, but on the death of his second wife, worried his eldest daughter from his residence alone and asked him to return to New York.

Henderson said that Davis offered her marriage, as he was preparing to return to New York has agreed to his request.

"I think we we continue to think of each other although we were far from each other."

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