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Israel Committee and a refuge for homosexuals in the earth

مايكل أورن
Ambassador of Israel in the United States Michael Oren yesterday evening, that Israel is a "paradise and a haven for homosexuals in the earth," pointing out that gay people are preparing an integral part of Israeli society.
The Oren during the annual conference of the homosexuals, and which is held in the United States of America: "The people homosexuals in Israel are part of Israeli society, where we find them soldiers, philosophers, legislators, judges, factory workers, artisans, doctors, teachers, and they are not gay, they are proud Israeli ".Oren pointed out that Israel has sponsored over the past years the World March of homosexuals in Jerusalem, and has provided full protection to them.

Thailand: children found the bodies of gold-plated to practice black magic

تايلاند ذهب
hai police have arrested a British possession of bags filled with the bodies of children believed to be gold plated for use in black magic.
And detained by Thai police at the airport in the Thai capital Bangkok Zhou Hawk Quinn (28 years), the British assets of Thailand after finding the remains of children in his possession believed he was trying to smuggle them into Thailand for use in black magic, according to the newspaper 'Daily Mail' The British, faced Quinn death one year in prison and a fine of £ 40 if convicted of the charges against him.

The door of a plane .. Fall in the Golf Course

UPIOfficials at the airport in South Florida that the main door of the plane took offfrom the airport, he fell to degrade in a golf course far off.

Stop the auction for the sale of a blood sample for the late U.S. President Reagan

ReutersSaid company (me. F. C) British auction canceled Thursday it asked what sheflask with a sample of the blood of the late U.S. President Ronald Reagan for saleat auction and that the owner will donate the bottle by the Reagan Foundation. The company said in a statement: "We negotiated with the person who sent the orderto withdraw the article from the auction and donated to the Ronald ReaganPresidential Foundation."

Chinese arrested 20 children accused of eating

Chinese police have arrested a man suspected of killing 20 boys and eat their flesh or sold them to other people in the city of Yunnan in southwestern China, where the police raided the man's house and found the eyes of human eyeballsinside the bottles of alcohol.


Video:Child survives after the «washing» his father's fault .. In the washing machine

Survived the death of a child after "washing" his father's error in the washing laundry in the city of Camden, New Jersey U.S..

Pictures of the strangest plants and animals of the island of «Socotra» Yemen

Published the "National Geographic" modern images of the Yemeni island of Socotra, which lies in the Indian Ocean, 350 km from the coast of Hadramout.

Ukrainian activists are more attacks on the courts of bare euro

Security guards detain a demonstrating activist from women's rights organisation Femen near the Euro 2012 trophy during its unveiling to the public in central Kiev May 12, 2012. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich

Ina threatened Ukrainian activists Hvchenko one organization "Femin to" do up with more "bare attacks" on the Euro 2012 games, in protest at what it called to deal with her​​as a "brothel chief".

Saudi patient requests a report on his health surprised that he is dead!!

مريض سعودي يطلب تقريراً عن حالته الصحية فيتفاجأ بأنه ميت!!
A surprised Inpatient Hospital King Fahad Central Jizan, the news "of his death," whichcame in a report issued by the hospital administration to the effect that the patient (m. H.M) passed away on 19.10.1432 e result of morbidity and atrial fibrillation and the failure of the heart muscle of the class the third.

U.S. "drunk" walking around his car, accompanied by zebra and parrot!

Stopped by the police in the state of Iowa American man who was walking around drunkin the car, the front seat, accompanied by zebra (Zebra) and intend to parrot togetherDobuki bar area. 

Hapless thief steals a car loaded with drugs!

مصر: لص منحوس يسرق سيارة محملة بالمخدرات!
Detectives were able Ganaan Suez Governorate of Egypt, to adjust the car thief in awhile it was stopped ambushes when a committee of inspection, it was found that the carwas stolen. He admitted stealing thief, and even increased insult to injury, when police found a quantity of drugs inside the car stolen, the thief does not belong. But owned by the original owner of the car.

Australian woman appear before the court on charges of biting her tongue!

امرأة استرالية تمثل أمام المحكمة بتهمة قضم لسان صديقها!
Represented by an Australian woman appeared in court in Sydney on charges of seriousphysical abuse, after he accused her boyfriend to bite his tongue, until almost go.
The source said that he arrested the woman (28 years) after they made ​​her boyfriend (19years), filed a complaint with police about the incident, which occurred two were stayingaccess it.

Death of the wife and Real Madrid president Florentino Perez

وفاة زوجة رئيس ريال مدريد فلورنتينو بيريز
Announced sources from Real Madrid for the death of wife, club president Florentino Perez, Real Madrid at the age of 62 years, the sources said Maria de los AngelesSandoval had died without reference to the cause of death.


For the first time .. South Korea carries out the death "castration" in the rapist

(Reuters) - The media in South Korea on Wednesday that authorities will chemicalcastration for the perpetrator of a series of rapes against young girls the first time thatthey apply the death penalty under legislation passed in 2010.

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