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A cleaner usurps sick after leaving the operating room

مصر: عامل نظافة يغتصب مريضة بعد خروجها من غرفة العمليات!

Took advantage of a cleaner Egyptian state anesthesia, which was one of the patients after they leave the intensive care room, and raped her under the influence of the anesthetic.

This made the patient filed a complaint against her rapist to director of the Institute sugar organism district Sayeda Zeinab in Cairo after rouse him and who in turn submit a communication to the police station in Sayeda Zeinab against Mustafa Sayed Awad 37 years old worker hygiene intensive care unit "temporary workers" and resident Mokattam infringement diseased "Q . Q. A, 51 years old, "an employee and resident Sharabeya and raped her without her consent after graduating from the operating room department suffering from gangrene sugar right arm and fled.

Asked the victim, supported the above, adding inability to resist or distress to the impact of drugs on them.

And enables officers investigations department of control mentioned in a ambushes prepared to adjust, and confronted confessed the incident, and said he was impressed Ms. upon seeing her before entering the operating room hours, and wait until the end doctor Alaa El-Erian, head of surgery of the operation and transfer of to her room and after that left her family hospital entered the room for cleans and closed the door behind him and approached the sick slowly, and when touched trembled in fear but he found an opportunity and drool them and began abusing them did not generate himself only having sex and when finished rushed outside the room and take off work clothes and dressed for providing fugitive.

Cried "Mustafa" a little and continued: frequent my problems with my wife led me to commit this crime, which ended on a future where he was confirmed, and my job at the hospital during the next week.

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