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Showing posts with label after. Show all posts


A cleaner usurps sick after leaving the operating room

مصر: عامل نظافة يغتصب مريضة بعد خروجها من غرفة العمليات!

Took advantage of a cleaner Egyptian state anesthesia, which was one of the patients after they leave the intensive care room, and raped her under the influence of the anesthetic.


Sharks between shoppers shopping mall after an explosion Aquarium! - Video

أسماك قرش بين متسوقي مركز تجاري إثر انفجار حوض أسماك! - فيديو

Showed video posted recently on YouTube moments of horror experienced by hundreds of shoppers one of the commercial centers in China after a huge burst swimming sharks shoppers, injuring 15 people by flying glass.

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