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Paparazzi kills crushed to death while chasing a car Justin Bieber


According to U.S. media reports on Wednesday that a photographer was chasing a car the young singer Justin Bieber in Los Angeles was killed Tuesday night while trying to take pictures of a car singer.

The highway police in California had stopped Bieber, a car of the Ferrari model to conduct a routine inspection and then another car hit a photographer. The sources reported that Bieber was not driving the car was not inside at the time of the incident.

The sources pointed out that the photographer had been tracking car Bieber and got out of his car to be photographed when stopped by police, the sources added that the car was shocked photographer as he returned to his car.

Said James Stojton a Los Angeles police photographer who did not disclose his identity died in hospital shortly after the incident. He Stojton that is unlikely charges against the driver of the car that hit the photographer.

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