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Demonstration against Putin in Moscow

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Image via Wikipedia

Thousands rally in downtown Moscow denounced the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and demanded that the presidential election scheduled in March / March next free and fair election, which seeks through which Putin to return back to the Kremlin.
The demonstrators marched a car in 3000 according to the organizers and 300 according to the police for three hours on the ring road at large, causing large traffic jams, cars were decorated with ribbons and balloons and bags are white, the color of the protest movement against the regime.
This movement, called "white ring" organized via social networking on the Internet "Association of voters", a movement established by journalists and bloggers, writers and artists to coordinate demonstrations calling for democratic elections on March 4 / March.
The demonstrator called Lara Stopychena (43 years) "We want to leave party thieves and swindlers, led by Putin," in reference to the expression that has become common after the fired blogger and opposition Alexei Navala to describe the United Russia party led by Putin, who is the favorite to win the election.
The opposition leaders are trying to maintain the momentum gained by the movement of protests after tens of thousands last month in the largest demonstration ever known the country during the recent period, expressing their anger over allegations of election fraud and plans to return Putin to the Kremlin during the next election.
Organisers said they are targeting advertising to organize another protest march on Saturday, a month before the presidential election.
Since the fall months, Putin's popularity, prime minister for nearly four years, but it remains the favorite to win the next presidential election in which planned to return to the Kremlin, was forced to leave after two terms in a row (2000-2008).

Source: Agencies

Cristiano Ronaldo's sister is supported by images of exciting + sexy video

Cristiano Ronaldo's sister is supported by images of exciting + sexy video

Announced that British actor Liam Neeson said he is considering to convert to Islam after being influenced voice for prayer

Image via Wikipedia

Announced that British actor Liam Neeson said he is considering to convert to Islam after being influenced voice for prayer during the shooting for a film in the Turkish city of Istanbul.
The newspaper "The Sun" British Neeson (59 years) Catholic from Northern Ireland; saying that he had influenced the Islamic religion during the filming of a movie in Istanbul, "The prayer lifted 5 times a day, In the first week befallen you is crazy, but then enters your soul, It is beautiful at all, and there are 4 thousand mosques in the city, and some are amazing, and makes me really think in Islam. "

Source: Constitution

robber shoots himself! Video

Usually called the robbers shot at trying to resist while stealing something from here orthere, but what happened in the Brazilian town was different, he portrayed the surveillance cameras robbery complete a bank in town, while members of the group, the thieves are collecting all that buffeted their hands , was a fellow standing at the gate to monitor the air and alert them that the threat came from stealingbut suddenly his foot was on fire from a pistol of the two was Amskhma.
Do not yet know why the thief to injuring himself with a bullet, but we know that the gang was arrested a few days after the operation.

  Source: Yahoo written

Helen Blanchon get the title Miss Obese women's for 2012

Won Hislan Blanchon-old 29-year title of Miss France for women obese in 2012 in the competition, designed to prove that beauty is not limited to petite women.
The newspaper "Le Parisien" that the French Blanchon expressed her happiness uponwinning the title, emphasizing that women represent a large proportion of obese women around the world and it is only logical that beauty pageants around the world on a few thin.

The Miss France obese women had been organized for the first time since 5 years in order to meet the obsession with thin, which is spread widely among French women.

And stresses the World Health Organization statistics that the proportion of Sylphs in the world are increasing about 20 percent.
Also emphasizes statistics and French Ministry of Health that 50 percent of French womenabove the 35 years are overweight, despite what is known of French elegance.

Source: Seventh Day


Twitter imposes restrictions on the content of Ngredat users in some countries

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Image via CrunchBase
Twitter announced that he may be forced to impose restrictions on Ngredat 
 users in certain countries which renews questions about how to handle this platform to connect with the social issues of freedom of expression in the time that it expands the base of usersaround the world quickly.
  So far, Twitter forced to delete from its global network Ngradh if received a request from the Government of this. But the company said in a letter published on her blog Thursdaythat it now has the ability to prevent the emergence of Ngradh specific users in a country.
The Code of Twitter "Starting today, give ourselves the possibility to prevent content fromappearing to users in a particular country with the availability in the rest of the world," and hit the Twitter examples of cases that will cooperate in the imposition of restrictions such as "content pro-Nazi" in France and Germany, countries prohibiting such content .
The Web site said he coined the transparency mechanism for involving users in the case of notification to prevent the emergence of what NgradhThe spokeswoman declined togive details about Twitter on the blog.
Reflects the recognition that Twitter would impose censorship on the content a significant change in his style than it was just one year when coordinated anti-government protestersin Tunisia, Egypt and other Arab countries to mass demonstrations by social networking.

Source: Reuters

Study: Mice sing to attract females

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 a scientific study in Austria that male rats pets that live in the house singing tuneslike musical twitter of birds to attract females.

Quoted websites scientific researchers at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna as saying that male rats lead songs at frequencies above the human voice is not heard.

Scientists had previously discovered that male mice with additional female voices, but they thought it just a buzz, then they came back and found out that she is an individualfeature romantic songs from the mouse to another, and aims to attract females, such assong birds.

The researchers said the study published in the journal "Physiology and behavior," they recorded voices of male rats, and after the display slowly turned out to be very similar tothe twitter of birds, each mouse has a footprint especially with regard to differ from othersongs.

The study indicated that males sing when it smells of females that are attracted to malesong, and that females are able to distinguish between the brothers songs and songs ofother males, even without having heard the songs by her brothers.

Source: UPI

The release of the accused scandal silicon

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Diamond wanted by Interpol because of the international driving under the influence of alcohol, Costa Rica (French)

French sources said on Friday he was released, Jean-Claude Mas president of the company that has raised health scandal sells defective fillings breast, but he faces charges of causing bodily harm.
And released by a short (72 years), on bail of one hundred thousand euros (131 thousand and $ 600) and was prevented from traveling or meeting with former executives at the "Poly Ampelant Protais" which ceased to operate.
Said Yves Smith's lawyer accused the French channel iTELE "We are pleased that Mr. Diamond will be able to explain his position to judge, this is a source of satisfaction for him." He added that "with regard to charges of manslaughter the judge decided that there is no connection of this kind at this time."
Although it will not be investigated with MAS for manslaughter, as expected, it is facing criminal charges punishable by prison sentences longer than those faced by others in a fraud case is expected to begin in his trial in October / October.
The International Police (Interpol) issued "red notices" against diamond-related issue in Costa Rica in June 2010, when police said there that the diamond was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, but he fled the country and did not appear in court on time.
And enjoyed Poly Ampelant Protais years earlier success and achieved global sales of a large staff, but behind the scenes and Diamond himself confessed to concealing the use of cheap industrial silicone is not authorized for use in medical purposes for accreditation bodies.
ConcernsFears in France after a woman died (53 years) underwent silicone implants in her breasts by her is a rare tumor of the breast lymphatic system, which hit last November, in addition to the presence of eight cases of their owners suffered from cancer.
And confirmed the health authorities in France and other countries that there is no evidence of a link between the products of poly Ampelant Protais and cancer, but surgeons say that the rates of rupture of these fillings high as abnormal. The company distributes its products in more than 65 countries, especially Latin America and Europe.
In the first arrests since the scandal topped the headlines in all the countries of the world in December / January last was arrested at his home on the diamond in the Côte d'Azur in southern France early Thursday, police searched his villa and luxury.
And welcomed the women who organize campaigns against the company since the French authorities banned the products two years ago the move, as it giving them a sense that the law began to take its course.
He also welcomed the lawyers for the women in France have come forward complaints against defective fillings breast man's arrest and said he should not escape the justice of the diamond.
The criticism has been directed to the French authorities that it is slowly dealing with the issue that has raised fears among tens of thousands of women who had undergone surgery were used breast defective fillings produced by the French company.
In March / March 2010 called for inspectors French to withdraw products from the market on fears about the quality, but it is not advised officials in Paris remove fillings breast surgically only last month, which highlighted the problem faced by women in the world planted their charges from the company's production once the third largest supplier of this type of tissue in the world.

It also advised France and Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic and Venezuela, all the women who used fillings removed as a preventive measure since December / December.

Source: Agencies

Changes in the CIA. Any. Because of any Wikileaks

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The director of U.S. intelligence, James Clapper that he will make real changes during the next five years in the intelligence services, to avoid the recurrence of leaking confidential information, as happened with the site Wikileaks.
He said Clapper, who oversees all intelligence agencies in the United States and is therefore the largest adviser to President Barack Obama in this area, that the issue of Wikileaks "terrible accident" pay the U.S. authorities to monitor changes in the media.
He said during a speech in Washington at the Center for Strategic Research International, "We must do more to protect the data, and make sure that we share with the people authorized to see it."
Clapper explained that the reforms had begun to "improve the classification and characterization and monitoring data" to follow and learn from shared, "We expect real changes and clear the next five years."
"It is a new structure designed to prevent an accident such as a new Wikileaks," a reference to the website which publish thousands of U.S. secret documents, accused of leaking U.S. soldier Bradley Manning, who was intelligence analyst in Iraq.
The Clapper The reform is aimed "at the same time to enhance security and promote the sharing of" information, saying that "if you know where to go data and with whom shared the you can go ahead," and added that this would allow the authorities to be "more quickly and effectively."
He emphasized that the goal is "to reach the optimal formula between the responsibility of sharing information and protection," adding that the Wikileaks site and increased the sensitivity of intelligence to the internal risk.
The official noted that the new measures aimed at protecting U.S. secrets, not from the enemies abroad, but also from elements within the system is not authorized to distribute cables or sensitive files U.S..
The site and the controversial WikiLeaks has started to deploy U.S. military documents in July 2010, and then detect the full Archive for the diplomatic papers in the September / September 2011, causing great embarrassment to Washington.
The soldier, Bradley Manning accused of leaking documents to the site, has issued sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of "collaborating with the enemy" If a bill before the military court in the spring.
It sparked controversy on the back of Wikileaks, is how made available to the Manning - a mere soldier - Access to all of this amount of sensitive information, raising questions about the extent to which processes data-sharing after the September 11 attacks / September 2001.
The intelligence agencies have been accused at the time of the attacks that they withheld information from each other, and if they Hatrtha freedom of the state without the attacks on New York and Washington.
This has to make confidential information available on the shared space more after these events.

Source: French

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