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New scandal Womanizer Cristiano Ronaldo


News scandal new Minister of Women Ronaldo signs: Milan-Prince Boateng Christian Vieri Melissa Sata Cristiano Ronaldo Irina Shaik scandals Real Madrid
Italian press reports revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid icon plans to the rhythm of his fellow Ghanaian Prince Boateng AC Milan star in the company, and according to the website "" who conveyed the news from the Italian press.

Although emotionally stable since a long time with Belle Russian supermodel Irina Shaik, but the magazine "Novella 2000" confirmed that Ronaldo contact since the number of players close to the Italians get a phone number consort emotional Boateng, renowned Italian fashion model Melissa Sata.
The Italian magazine that Cristiano succeeded in what aspires to SATA spoke by telephone, and lured to secede from Boateng and establish a relationship with him, which responded to him crossbar glamorous, so they sent her over the phone in a number of forms.
And brought the news to the attention of the African player who was furious, especially as it has agreed to marry him a short time ago, and was preparing to buy an expensive ring as a prelude to a wedding in the new year.
Noteworthy that Melissa SATA previously been associated with a romantic relationship with former Italian striker Christian Vieri

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