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Mila Kunis extracted the throne of the most exciting women in the world of Rhianna


Extracted American actress, Mila Kunis, the throne of the most beautiful woman in the world for the year 2012 from the American singer, Rhianna, according to the classification Esquire magazine, Tuesday.

And Esquire magazine pointed out that the actress Kunis will top cover of the issue, expected in early November next, where the actress will speak about a number of things and political issues.

It should be noted that the renowned actress Kunis fame after her roles in a number of films and serials of America, which had been very popular in the United States and a number of countries around the world, such as their roles in the film, Ted and Friends film Wyeth Benavis.

The actress proved her talent through successful roles I've played in a number of serials like Seventaz Shaw and Family Guy.

The representative said that at the age of 29 years in the interview conducted by Esquire magazine, "I do not think I'm entertaining or funny, I have the ability to deliver jokes are good, but I am not funny."

Kunis added, "I think that the fact that the individual amusing or funny are not skills can be learned, there is talk funny people and spontaneously while there are people who do not have this talent."

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