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Israel .. Prostitutes engaged in their work "noble" with the knowledge of their husbands to keep their families

إسرائيل .. بائعات هوى يمارسن عملهن

Broadcast on Israeli television recently reported a photographer about prostitutes in the country, threw light on another aspect of their lives, and with reference to that many of them women on a high degree of culture and Crops university degrees and women parameters, forced harsh living conditions to practice this profession. Among these women is that it causes "a noble act" as they have made an preserve families and protect them from loss because of the accumulated debt. It is worth mentioning that women eating a report as representing the middle class segment in Israel, and not the poor.

It is these women old lady 35 years a teacher is married and has 3 children, says the report says: "I'm in this profession ten years ago. Entered into this world after it sank in debt, and I found myself I lose my family, so I thought I carried out after I read in the newspaper advertising for a job of this kind. " She adds that her husband knows as a prostitute, and he is dealing with this profession as a mere work and regarded as a sacrifice for her family.

She spoke of young Menen 25-year-old works in the stock market, saying it had begun practicing prostitution 9 years ago for the same reasons, noting that her husband also knows this. She added: "When I go back to the House are not talking about the subject and says to the children that their mother went to work and came to work, not get into the details," noting that her husband "a large academic in Israel and won a lot of money."

Emphasizes academic wife she loves her husband and that reciprocates the same feeling and understand their work, saying that what you are doing falls within the framework of the work to maintain the family, describing it as a "new cultural branch." For its part, rejected a third prostitute, a teacher what the label on it selling her body because of her husband and children, arguing that practiced no more than provide sexual services.

The report noted photographer to a "strange world consists in Israel, a world of decline and decay in a manner based on a new form of economic union between the family and the state. State wants more money and taxes, families are tricks defensive very strange," according to the site, "Nablus TV."

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