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Commits suicide after watching video 8 men raped his daughter

سوشيل شيندى كومار وزير الداخلية الهندى

A parents were killed in the Indian state of Haryana himself capturing the doses of chemical pesticides, and after watching a video showing eight men raping his daughter, threatened to kill her family if she told one of her family members or the police.

The mother told CNN: "When the father learned on the subject of the video, he could not continue his life, and the idea of the pain suffered by his daughter present in his mind, عداك about society's perception of him, and he had to commit suicide."

She added that her daughter when she learned her father's suicide sworn to prosecute her attackers, in retaliation for the same and Alaadidat women who have suffered rape, did not Isttian disclose it to their parents for fear of exposure to harm.

Daughter explained that kept it a secret from her family for ten years: "I was six years of age, and when I was going to school to perform a test, the men pushed me into the car, inside there are eight men, where they raped me."

 She told CNN: "I remember that I was transferred to a nearby village, where four other men came on motorbikes, and had filmed the process fully raped, and threatened to kill my family if shot to the news."

It is important to note that the police managed to arrest the eight men accused of rape, pending the determination of the appropriate punishment for them

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