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List with more than 80 sites that share revenue with users

List with more than 80 sites that share revenue with their users / editors, often the result of revenues contextual advertising Google 

To write content sites
This is a project to create a directory on the network. Kew ilnumero same point in page views and will be phased in, and you can get up to 725 dollars a month without any difficulty. Evidence of the great success of his books and some users, as happened to $ 100,000 per year.
50% to 10%, and the writer of those comments.
Midway between mini-site and blog, they work pages of information which can be cash with Google ads, or in eBay Amazon.
Squid free but capable of a 50% stake of views Adsense. The company owns 45% and the remaining 5% would go to charity.
This social network gives you 100% of the advertising revenue with Google AdSense. You will have tools to share videos, photos, and blogs.
Xomba uses Google Adsense on every page of the site. Each function actually integrated with contextual advertising and appears in Xombyte / Xomblurb. Revenue resulting from pubblicitàcon Adsense.
Triond to get 50% of the profits resulting from the contents of the previous month. The advantage is that all the contents will continue to generate profits in the long term.
The collapse of part of the advertising revenue from Google Adsense and writers.
100 & revenue with wrote articles in their network.
Receive 70% of the advertising revenue Adsense site. If you can invite someone else to write and let you get 10% of what is produced.
Space dedicated to freelance for the exchange of material and content. Program to split the revenue guarantees 100% of the revenue generated by
DayTipper pay $ 3 for each item.
Writing deprived offreil60% of revenue generated with your content.
In this site for the income distribution system and located in 75/25 (you will get 75% and 25%). Revenue generated from Google Adsense.

This website is designed for programmers and developers willing to share technologies and educational programs. Pay up to $ 50 for each item. Payment is via PayPal before the publication of the article.
Other writing sites content revenue share:
Photo Credit: Montrasio International

Video sites
Shares revenue with the authors / publishers their own video through the market.

Social network pays authors Clip
MATRIXMovies provide 100% of the revenues generated through video ads with Google Adsense. Deposited more, and more revenue.
If members of your network, such as production, AtomFilms will allow distribution agreement with attractive values ​​and the MTV Video added in corporate networks associated with them.
This site allows the division of revenue generated by Google Adsense. The only requirement is to have a site with the king. TV.
Expertvillage is the site for the establishment of projects, video, and at the request of customers. You can work in free hours from anywhere in the world, received the world exhibition and performance at around $ 300 per project.
Get up to $ 2000 in the event video will be published on the home page.
Division to even 80% of the performance of this video or audio will result in the network.
Get money through Google Adsense network. Ads that will appear in your playlist, and videos and you have loaded in the network. has announced a comprehensive program that provides full control over the type of profits for videos.

https: / /
Quaestio system allows you to make downloading videos and other media to put them on sale. You must determine prices which will be included in the market, and you will get the money in the event of a sale.
Fate download video review of some of the products and get up to $ 10,000 per unit.

Other video sites revenue sharing:

Photo credit: ** t z u ***

Audio and video Poadcasting
Or Odiogo é a free service, and includes return program which provides for those who aolamente produce more revenue views.
We7 division of income generated from advertising and download music-related. Income divided by 50/50.
Fate download video or audio files in seconds, and files will be converted to freely use in the network, which will generate revenue for you and beat9.
Jamendo possibility for users to provide a grant of $ 5 € each artist to artist. After that you can count on the return of 50% of the ads copntestuale if joined the program 'revenue sharing.
Here you will get a percentage of the advertising revenue.
You can download or sell videos, music, podcasts, animation, books and games. You set the price and get 70% of sales.
Program distribution of proceeds from the sales of manufacturers of Podcastings.

Other sites voice Poadcasting and videos that dividino posts:

Photo credit: Sergio Volluto

Filming Locations
In Shareapic to pay someone every time your will see the photo gallery.
And sells image Comrpa. Generates market revenue.
Do you download your photos on the site and will be paid each download others to do the same.
Scoopt works in the sale of your photos in newspapers and magazines, and organizations, and other works for publication. When one of your photos riceverte will sell 40% of the issue.
Share photos and pay for it.
Riceverte a percentage of revenue Google Adsense for inclusion in your photos.
Google AdSense ads ratio, up to a maximum of 80%.

You download pictures and get 100% of the commercials that generated
In my storefront, you can sell your images. PhotoWorks will be e-commerce, production, and the provision of support services to the clients of this transaction. Earn what you decide.

Photo Credit: letneo

Find Web sites
Every time someone accepts that pay
Pay for research.
Find pages that contain links to your website, you can create a page of content, and revenue generated by Google Adsense. Ricevertee proportion of this revenue.
Research on the bar clean and the accumulation of loans that make money.

Photo Credit: maxgiani
If you are computer experts, blogs, or any other type of this profession, riceverte money to help other family members, and share your consocenze by phone or e-mail.
Paid to answer questions.

Photo Credit: Sebastian Pitruzzello (aka gorillaradio)

Sites to buy and reviews
Make a list of products that you consider interesting and / or important, finding a user interface This list promovuete in your website or blog, click and if someone buys something sales riceverte.
$ 10 per 10 reviews written.
Paid to write about any product reviews, and political and hotel company in the city, shop in their own way, or even the dog closely.
Just click on the list of your favorite person product deiu and buy something for your commission.

Photo Credit: Gualtiero

Other sites
Kongregate allocate 25% to 50% of the revenue generated from the games developed by publishers / creators of himself.
Make money, and sometimes every person on the Internet to enter the widget to your website.
Sale work in digital form in the market where customers can buy through PayPal, Google Payment or credit cards. company tratterràsolamente 10%.

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