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Yemeni man rapes a girl and linking her mother on a tree

يمني يغتصب فتاة وربط أمها على شجرة

Occurred in the grip of Yemeni police the day before yesterday Yemeni accused of rape several crimes in a wonderful and strange, it is believed that they can feel the taste of savoring his crime, raping women in his own way.

The newspaper quoted "opinion" Kuwaiti Yemeni security source (30 years) does outrageous women forcibly about them, force them to drink wine until sugar.

The source added that "offender finally landed in the hands of the police after several communications with him, and that there are incidents carried out and is not reported by their owners for fear of bad reputation among Yemeni tribal society".

According to the source has the offender last week luring old girl 22 and her mother, that he would do better with them connect, minibus, and take them from the market "Ahjdh" and led them to the Valley "Rcan" in Taiz province south of Yemen, and there forced the mother to come down and linked on the tree, then forced the girl to drink alcohol until drunk, then raped her after he tore her clothes.

This crime of the most serious crimes, which served the people of the province of Taiz, which has a population of about one and a half million citizens, and more Yemeni provinces where learners widespread and intellectuals, known as the cultural capital of Yemen.

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