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Postponement of a documentary about "the wife of Christ" after growing doubts


Decided to postpone a television documentary about clip papyrus dating back to the fourth century AD, which indicate that Christ was his wife amid doubts about the credibility of this clip from papyrus.

The channel "Smithsonian" America has decided to defer documentary indefinitely while it continues to tests performed on the Coptic document.
The researchers raised questions about the reliability of the clip papyrus basing their suspicions to the rules of language and origin Archaeological This papyrus is unknown.

Christian tradition emphasizes a long time ago that Jesus was not married, but Karen King, professor at Harvard University had published research says that this clip is the only one that confirms that some ancient Christians who believed that Jesus was married.

The channel "Smithsonian" has announced that this papyrus "one of the most important discoveries throughout the ages."

And was scheduled to film in the thirtieth of September / September last but scientists have begun to raise questions about the piece of papyrus.

Said Tom Hayden, General Manager of the channel, "The documentary will take into account the next tests for Papyrus exactly as he did with the initial announcement academic about this disclosure, and this will definitely help us to make the story richer and fuller."

The General Manager of the channel "Smithsonian" new history documentary broadcast will be announced in the coming weeks.

And contains the written text in the document on the part of the dialogue indicates where Christ with the word "This is my wife," and according to the research team for Karen King, the text has been pointed out that Christ said to his followers, it is more than worthy to be of his followers.

The document defines this wife that named Mary, raising speculation that it refers to as Mary Magdalene.

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