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British Tutor to prison having sex with a student secretly in school

سجن مدّرس بريطاني لممارسته الجنس مع طالبة سراً في المدرسة

A British court sentenced to 14 months in prison right music teacher and deprived him of teaching children for life, to practice sex secretly in the school in which it operates with 16-year-old student.

The newspaper "Daily Express" David Evsla, aged 27 years, set up a romantic relationship with the student after he wrote a comment on its image in a social networking sites.

She added that David has a month later put his hand on the leg of requesting and inside her blouse in the semester while he was accepted, and told her that he could not believe what he does.

She (BBC) that the Crown Court in Liverpool heard that a music professor developed a romantic relationship lasted 11 months with the student and March with sex in the school and the Catholic Church plays warehouse where machine Alawrzin.

Music professor admitted before the court to exercise 10 Proceedings of sexual activity with student exploiting his job based on trust over the past two years.

The court sentenced David 14 months and prevented him from teaching children for life, and the inclusion of his name in the register sex offenders for 10 years.

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