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Arrested on prostitution ring

القبض على شبكة دعارة بمدينة نصر

Details of the incident due receipt of information of the brigade Syed Shafiq, director of the Cairo police, stating the fact that'' Sawsan. '' 70 years old, a housewife living in Nasr City first, the management of their housing units for acts contrary to morality, and you take men those who want to have fun Unlawful sexual acts with'' bitch'', in exchange for money is obtained.

The most serious Brigade Osama small, Assistant Interior Minister for Security Cairo, which is raided housing, following the legalization procedures has security force of the Department of the first Nasr City led submitted Alaa Bashandi, Chief of Detectives Nasr City, raided the apartment, was set'' Aisha. P'' holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a resident of Shubra, and practiced vice with'' Tariq. H'' unemployed, were also seized'' Zizi. U'', 40 years old holds a Diploma of Commerce and the apparent area resident.

The investigation revealed that the defendants engaged in vice with the men inside the apartment and the amount of 500 pounds, and searched the apartment found 6 mobile phones, and 55 thousand pounds from the proceeds of their activities, and 3 bottles of wines, and 4 pieces of hashish weighing about 15 grams.

Release a report on the incident, and notified the prosecutor conducting the investigation.

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