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Yemeni man died in grief over his wife after 150 minutes of burial

وفاة يمني حزناً على زوجته بعد 150 دقيقة من دفنها

In fact rare to get nowadays devices tidal wave of grief on the lives of Yemeni fifty years of age, after two and half hours only from the death of his wife in the forty-fifth of the age, to continue their family to accept the consolation five consecutive days, according to the newspaper "Al Rai" Kuwaiti.

According to witnesses to the newspaper, "the Yemeni woman in the fifth and forty years old and passed away on Sunday at the Directorate of  Mayfa'a Ans, province of  Dhamar (central Yemen) by high fever struck out, and after he was buried her body buried, under her husband immersed in silence and silence hardly knows what around him, after being captured by the shock, the astonishment of mourners who tried to get him out of his futile. "

He completed witnesses: "The love rarely had combines the couple who did not hear one of their neighbors that they had not arguing once, or even increased their dialogue a bit, and while he was comforters flock to offer sympathy to the husband grieving and his family, surprised everyone downfall of fatigue have not gone a few minutes until the word his last breath, and was not passed to bury his wife of more than 150 minutes, the people of the region are quick and relatives to recover funeral scene, where they sow his funeral - amid overwhelming grief - to his final resting place next to his wife, who was killed by love. "

Noteworthy that one of the sons of the deceased confirmed seen tears in the eyes of his father, even after separate him life, under the shock of crowds of mourners who saw a rare example of the love we do not see a lot these days.

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