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Having sex in a restaurant in front of two U.S. Visitors

أمريكيان يمارسان الجنس في مطعم أمام الزوار

Surprised visitors a Restaurants Florida man and his girlfriend were having dinner, left food to exercise sex on the table. According to City Police Orlando where the restaurant "Paddy Murphy" who witnessed the incident, the man, named Jeremy Kalou and at the age of 32, began having sex with his partner, which did not mention the sources named, the glare of everyone, including children came to the restaurant with their parents .

Although violation man and his partner sanctity of the place, but the police could not arrest for committing indecent, for excluding visitors restaurant to testify against "lovers" merely detained Kalou for refusing to pay a bill of food and of $ 101, after a dispute with the director of "Paddy Murphy."

Source: Norte

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