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Yemeni girl kills her fiance and cut off his penis to suspicions about the behavior!

فتاة يمنية تقتل خطيبها وتقطع عضوه الذكري لشكها في سلوكه!

Yemeni security sources said that a girl in her twenties and belong to the armed tribal region have killed her fiance and cut his penis to suspicions about the behavior and belief that he intends to terminate the the betrothal link girl again.

According to the sources, received the security services province-Jawf tribal (200 km north-east of the capital Sanaa) tip from residents who said police they found the body of a young man in a small house in the region and therefore moved the criminal lab to the house and found the preview that the body of a young man named "Mohammed. "25 years, in the case of sepsis, and stabbed 7 sporadic stabs in the neck and chest and abdomen, as well as cut his penis.

According to investigations that the victim came from his village, to get some work done, and set up house one of his cousins ​​alone for 4 days, until he found him dead, lying hall and poked with 7 stabs window cervical, chest and abdomen, as well as cut his penis, it turns out the safety of all outlets home, and the absence of any signs of breaking the door or windows, which give criminal investigators an indication that the offender has with the victim, and he entered the house without any violence.

According to the sources, Vtm call home owner who said in his remarks, that the house rented by him with the victim was not frequented by only short periods, and he did not know the administration of the victim, before surprised is and neighbors emission smelly from inside the house, informed men detective who came and broke the door and found the body.

And revealed an investigation team CID for that involved in the commission of the crime is fiancee victim claims Suad. M.. P and preparing an ambush them was arrested, and confront confessed to killing her fiance, because discovered that he had intended to terminate the sermon between them after two years of their association, and they complained that he would be linked another girl as he had many relationships with women, and she said she went to the home place of the incident and phages and paid him several stab wounds, and then cut off his penis to avenge him, and threw the knife in the garbage dump.

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