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Germany execute swine flu vaccines

Khaled Schmidt - Berlin

Magdburg began in eastern Germany on Tuesday the disposal of about 16 million vaccine against swine flu, the spectrum due to the expiration of these vaccines after the low turnout of citizens to acquire, by injection.
The Ministry of Social Affairs, local in the state "Saxony-Anhalt", which is Magdburg its capital, that the process of execution of vaccines against swine flu - who knew the media on behalf of the virus, "HP 1 to 1" - took place in the oven dedicated to the burning of garbage and waste temperatures high altitude.
The ministry said in a press statement that the ordinary flu vaccines are alone sufficient to prevent the swine flu virus.
According to data of the Ministry of Health in the state "Lower Saxony" that among the 34 million vaccine for the prevention of HIV, "HP 1 to 1" purchased by local governments in the German states in the six years after the emergence of swine flu the beginning of 2009, not be sold only 5 million vaccine for citizens was vaccinated since the onset of illness and until the beginning of 2010.
They noted that the ministry to get rid of these vaccines will cost the U.S. Treasury German loss of up to 329 million euros in addition to 14 thousand euros, representing the cost of transporting vaccines to places burned.
The swine flu first appeared as the beginning of 2009 is accounted for with great interest in April / April of the same year as the World Health Organization warned several times of danger.
But the organization was soon dropped after the repeated warnings and admitted that she exaggerated the exaggeration of the danger of the virus, "HP 1 to 1."
Last year saw the failure of attempts by a number of European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and France in the sale of its stockpile of vaccines against swine flu, which caused panic in many places before it is to play down the seriousness.

Source: Al Jazeera

Iceland recognizes the independent state of Palestine

Icelandic President Grimsson and Palestinian President Abbas during their meeting in Ramallah in 2008 (French - Archive)

Iceland recognized the independent state of Palestine on the borders in 1967 to become the first country in Western Europe to do so, and after recognition by Iceland rose to 130 the number of countries that recognized the independent state of Palestine.

And the voice of a 38-member parliament members and the number 63 for the favor of the resolution made by the Minister of Foreign Osur Scarpdanson, while 13 deputies abstained from the vote and 12 others were absent, and did not vote against the resolution of any deputy.
He cited the decision to parliament, "allows the government to recognize Palestine as an independent and sovereign within the limits that preceded the war of 1967."
Scarpdanson told Radio "R u in the" official urges parliament at the same time the Israelis and the Palestinians to seek a peace agreement based on international law and resolutions of the United Nations, including the mutual recognition of the State of Israel and the State of Palestine.
Parliament stressed that "the PLO is the legitimate representative of all the Palestinian people", recalling the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland.
The recognition of the Icelandic after nearly a month for Palestine full membership of the Organization of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) with the support of 11 European countries, including Iceland itself.
Evaluation of a PalestinianBut it is not expected to be the recognition of the Icelandic - which coincided with International Day declared by the United Nations of Solidarity with the Palestinian people - more than a symbolic gesture with the Palestinian Authority sought to gain recognition of the UN, but the request failed so far to get a seat in the UN.
For his part, price and Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki and the Icelandic parliament's decision to consider the recognition of a "new achievement is added to the sum of the Palestinian political achievements that have been made recently."
He pointed out that the recent recognition of Iceland, the number of states recognizing the State of Palestine to 130 countries.
The Palestinian interior minister said he would visit Iceland's decision to receive the recognition and the signing of the Convention on the mutual recognition of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Source: Agencies

Calls for continuous disinfection FIFA

Image via Wikipedia

Called for an independent expert commissioned him to combating corruption the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) to provide scenarios for the reform of the Organization, to avoid the "consolidation of loyalty" and commitment to transparency as a step to clean up this institution.
The Swiss Marc Biit that, FIFA also address new ways to elect its president for greater transparency, in addition to the imposition of specific periods of the work of the officials to avoid establishing loyalties.
He said the international expert, "We are talking about serious things will not be admired of all."
Biit he said on FIFA to decide whether they will accept proposals for reform which is submitted and approved by the Union before the annual general meeting of members in May / May next year.
Team turbulentThe Biit, who was speaking to The Associated Press from the FIFA headquarters where he presented a preliminary report in which he proposed reforms of the Organization, to his role as an expert FIFA's "closest to the training of a troubled team trying to return to the path of virtue."
The Biit was achieved in the case of corruption program of the UN oil-for-food program for Iraq, and was an adviser to the Swiss government file anti-money laundering.
Has seen a number of recent scandals implicating high-ranking officials - including some members of the FIFA Executive Committee - in corruption scandals.
And put these scandals FIFA worst period of his over 107-year since its inception. Which prompted Joseph Blatter, President of the Organization of the Declaration to take measures to repair and restore the credibility and transparency of the Union, most notably the formation of a committee of experts for the rational management.

Source: Associated Press

Russian warships headed to the Mediterranean

Chabanenko barge fleet will be heading to the Mediterranean Sea (French - Archive)
Defence Ministry said the Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" carrying on board fighter "Sukhoi" and "Meg," I went, accompanied by a barge, "Admiral Chabanenko" to the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Syria to conduct naval exercises, pointing out that the ship will enter the Syrian port of Tartus.
The head of the Russian General Staff, General Nikolai Macairov that sending the aircraft carrier belonging to the fleet of Arctic sea type of programmed training regularly, pointing out that Russia does not send a ship directly to Syria.
The agency quoted Russia's Interfax news to a military source as saying that the journey will take two months, and that includes a visit to the port of Tartus.
Training missionThe source denied the existence of any connection between the direction of Russian warships to the Mediterranean by events taking place in Syria.
A spokesman for the Russian navy said the ships will enter the Russian ports of Tartous, Syria and Beirut, the Lebanese and Genoa, Italy, in addition to a Cypriot port, explaining that the trip aimed at "training".
The source pointed out that it was planning a trip last year before they break out the current events in Syria, "as there is no reason to cancel or postpone."
Called the Department of Defense flight Baltdrebeh expected, indicating that the aircraft carrier and accompanying ships will be among other tests on the aircraft had been manufactured under an agreement with India.
He noted that the aim of entering the port of Tartus is the supply of fuel and water and food.
The Western media that the main task of the Russian warships to be sent to the Mediterranean is to help the Coast Guard to prevent the Syrian and foreign military intervention in the country.
The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow rejects ban on arms exports to Syria.

Source: DBA


Incident occurred and took place a car in the lake and was attended by rescue to break out .... But

Incident occurred and took place a car in the lake and was attended by rescue to break out .... But what happened ........ Leave you for viewing pictures

Incident occurred and took place a car in the lake and was attended by rescue to break out .... But what happened ........ Leave you for viewing pictures
حادثة غريبة
حادثة غريبة
حادثة غريبة
حادثة غريبة
حادثة غريبة
Savior arrived
حادثة غريبة
حادثة غريبة
All the lightness and agility of all lift car
حادثة غريبة
Do you continue the vicious circle to infinity
Every time a car comes to rescue her sistersunken

Receive the same fate

Rabbit give birth to a freak accident Phil

His accident shows that God everythingKadeer rabbit give birth to an elephant

These discussions in an incident shows that God everything Kadeer rabbit give birth to an elephant with - News - Breaking News -strange incidents ..

Sobhan Allah Almighty

Saw the legs Macki Giza (Egypt) and theincident was strange to have a female rabbit, born small features correspond with theelephant, "and authorized a large nose and tail of a small elephant, and the same degree ofcolor."
حادثه تبين الله قدير ارنوبه
حادثه تبين الله قدير ارنوبه
Jump on the seventh day to the place of his birth, amid surprise all the people of the region, including an event we met with "Ahmed Awad Abdel Fattah," (27 years), butcher, and loves raising rabbits since childhood, and said that one of the rabbits, the female was pregnant, and immediately after birth, found that among them were an animal small "gray color, "and were actually discovered that the features indicate that an elephant.
حادثه تبين الله قدير ارنوبه
حادثه تبين الله قدير ارنوبه
حادثه تبين الله قدير ارنوبه
حادثه تبين الله قدير ارنوبه
حادثه تبين الله قدير ارنوبه

Source: Forum Ewan

Obama adopts the method of Likud

Image via Wikipedia

Semi-writer Roger Cohen's handling of U.S. President Barack Obama with America's enemies in a manner the Israeli Likud Party, where Obama targeted his enemies with deathwherever they are, as Israel did not hesitatedays to kill its enemies wherever they are. Thewriter stressed that this development does notsatisfy any U.S. citizen.

And saw Cohen in an article published in The New York Times, the U.S., that theadministration of U.S. President BarackObama's ideology is based on work in silence,which is considered a radical shift in the way the White House days of former PresidentGeorge W. Bush, who was dependent noise in the war on terrorism.

The writer says that this transformation makes him feel uncomfortable, and finds that there is a price to pay once the policy pursued by the White House under the leadership of Obama, but at the same time is to adopt this policy.

The writer believes that the war of Obama'ssilent strikes sudden, may breed in thereceived sense of wanting to hit the United States, and draws a dialogue imaginary to thatin which he says would one day wake up whensomeone in Tehran or Islamabad or Sanaa,"says the man whose name is Obama, I havefought in our country, but he forgot the fact thatyou say, Do we might go to war within his country? ".
The writer depot explosion missiles near Tehran that killed Hassan Tehrani central figure in the missile program, Iran's long-term and repeated killings of scientists Alnueln in Iran and the virus that hit programs Iranian nuclear reactors, and says it is naive to imagine that all these incidents are not related to Israeli secret U.S. war against Iran's weapons programs.

Pakistan is boiling after the killing of dozens of Asala in the American air strike, to the point that Pakistan has asked the agency was ending its operations in western Pakistan, a base used within 15 days.

Unmanned spy planes, the registered mark to the era of Obama, the writer says it killed in the custody of a number of Taliban and Al Qaeda twice those of them who were imprisoned at Guantanamo, but not that she went to the extent of killing an American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki is a short time ago.

The U.S. government has been not to talk about the strikes but too little, but a study released by Brown University, the U.S. said that America has decided to abandon conventional warfare, which may not always yield positive results uncertain, such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which reached their costs at least 3.7 trillion dollars. The conventional war is a poor way to fight terrorists, and the adoption of the best means of more accurate and less expensive, even if the legality of controversial and open question.

Author reviews the controversial aspects in the style of Obama and say to what extent the target corresponds to a U.S. citizen with the law? It is noted that Iran did not have any relationship to attacks September and that Obama is waging a war against it.

He concludes his article by explaining his point of feeling uncomfortable and adoption of the policy pursued by Obama, says he does not feel comfortable because this kind of secret war waged by the Obama necessarily entail a desire to retaliate and the situation of instability among U.S. allies.

In terms of building the secret war, and says that the policy always requires one to choose between two things left with. The results of the secret war no matter how bitter it is definitely sweeter than the disastrous results caused by conventional wars fought by America.

However, the Obama administration proposes to enjoy a higher level of transparency and communication with the American public.

Source: New York Times

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