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Heart cells, also like .. And has a memory

«But the heart and the eye .. Main reason in love »? When I hear this song known until a few years ago, I always said, not the heart nor the eye, but it is a brain Madam, if that happens to people when he sees sweetheart, but is a signal, hormones and neurotransmitters secreted, causing the symptoms suffered by the loving when he sees Habiba such as: increased heart rate up to almost jumps out of his place, shivering and coldness of the Parties, and redness of the face of shame (when there was a shame), etc. .., but the first spark started from certain centers in the General Command of the brain and nervous system, and then to endocrine glands, which secrete these chemicals and hormones that cause these symptoms. I kept on like this, but I was also confused: Why were all the verses and hadiths indicate that the heart is reasonable and understands and mend his ways and spoil, and that the subject of piety and faith, and also for the slag and disbelief? In fact, I internally - and purely out of my faith - I believe what is mentioned in the Qur'an and Sunnah, but in terms of science, there was no scientific facts to convince me at this point, that science to the following facts, respectively.
The heart of a boy and a girl
* On May 29, 1988 was «Tim» - a young American in the age of eighteen - driving his motorcycle and collided with a car on the highway and was killed, and was immediately reported to health authorities, banks and organ preservation, with the transfer of his heart at once to a girl called «Claire Sylvia», which was waiting to transfer the heart after it had been on the verge of death.
After that she came to «Sylvia» from surgery and regained her health and discharged from the hospital, I noticed that there are some antics that found them, they become actions tend to conduct male from the female, as well as customs daily has been operating a ballerina, but has tended to stand in streets and on corners, and tend to some of the dishes and items that were not love at all, such as green pepper and eating customer, and became like drinking beer, and has never been such items tend to love or before the transfer to the heart.
In the United States there is a law prohibiting the recipient of the Member grown to know any details about the person who was taking the user of it, they did Sylvia know something about «Tim» His heart, which carries between her breasts, she began to see in her dreams a young man named «Tim» visit frequently in dreams, and tells her that his heart was transferred to it, and I went «Sylvia» to the hospital, which was inside the heart to move, and insisted on details about the person who was taking heart from it.The surprise was that the same person that you see in a dream, The strangest thing is that when she went to visit the people of this young man to question them about it, turned out to be the owner of all natures, behaviors and moods, strange she became it after the transfer of heart to it, and returned to the hospital and told doctors who refused to accept this interpretation scientifically and thought it just a coincidence! Memory cells of the heart
* With the repetition of what happened with Sylvia in the other people who were transferred heart to them, scientists began thinking of the so-called «memory cells», that is, each cell of the body also has a mind and memory of its own, and of course personal taste and love of food, and some information, dates, and that there is a link between this memory and the memory of the brain known, and that the transfer member from person to person transfer with the memory cells of the body of the donor to the recipient's body.
This theory has been proven through many of the research conducted by d. Brett Landis, professor of biochemistry, whose research focused on how to interpret such a phenomenon scientifically, has reached d. Part that there are some jobs assigned to the mind to do, also by cells of different organs of the body and that there is an exchange of letters between the brain and these cells by a short string of amino acids neurological «Enyorobeptaad», which we believe they do not exist only in the cells of the brain and nervous system only, but were found in the main organs of the body such as the heart.The heart and thus carries memory cells like and dislike, and believe and disbelieve and scared and Adjourn and fear erupted.
«Brain heart»
* Then came another world, then called Dr.. Andrew Armour, a specialist in the science «nerves Endocrinology» which examines the relationship of the brain, nerves, heart and endocrine glands, and showed that this relationship between the brain and heart but is the relationship of two-way back and forth, and not, as we believe it is a relationship of one direction of the brain to the heart only, and not vice versa, and enter for the first time in the history of medicine, the term «brain heart» Heart Brain, and that the heart of the already nervous system of its own in a very complex called the «brain heart small», consisting of cells and neurotransmitters, and proteins work independently of the cranial nerves.
Can the brain to learn, remember and feel and feel and fear, and believe, and translates this information in the form of nerve signals sent from the heart to the brain (the opposite of what we believe that the brain is the one who feels and senses and sends commands to the heart to the form of letters nervous), and up these messages to the region brain stem, and affect them through their impact on cardiovascular and endocrine systems and the impact on members, and then transfer those signals coming from the heart to the higher brain centers that respond with a sense of evaluation and make decisions based on the experiences of knowledge available.
The fact that Dr.. «Armour» wrote a book called Neuro Cardialogy describing what he called the nervous system's heart, who works independently of the central nervous system and brain, and therefore when the transfer of the heart from one person to another, related to the nervous system or brain heart movable central nervous system and brain of the person receiving the methods of fiber and neurotransmitters.
In spite of that the things mentioned in the book of d. Armour is a new concept to the medical community, and there are those who oppose and disagree with him, but I find that his words marks the acceptance psychologically and mentally I have, it is psychologically, the new interpretation of the theory of «brain heart» or «memory cells» restore things to normal.
Those who are mentally, there are plenty of true stories that illustrate the relevance of this modern interpretation like the story of the girl child of eight years, which transfer to the heart of a child in the tenth year-old girl died murdered, and after that process was the transfer of the heart, began nightmares attacking the girl during her sleep, and was the most a nightmare that sees a man kill her, and when he repeated the nightmare of the same person and event, took her mother to a doctor myself and Ruth his nightmare Aargaha After several sessions found the doctor that what you're saying the girl is not some kind of delirium or hallucinations, but rather describe the facts, and therefore, persuaded doctor mother and child to go to calling the police description of the person you see in a dream and, indeed, by describing the girl the exact features of this man was drawing a rough picture of him, he was arrested and admitted to committing the crime, and like her as she saw in her dream, exactly, in the same clothes and the same arms and the same time and place and that it called for the child psychiatrist, it is where it came from the photographic memory that enabled them to find out all this information only from the memory cells of the heart transplant?
Tendencies of the heart transplant
* In his book «Heart Code» Hearts Code was able to d. «Paul Peirsol» to meet with 150 of those who were heart transplant them, and found that they all have memories of the owners of the hearts that have been transferred to them, and thus chose «Peirsol» theory of memory cells that explain, through a study of 300 of whom were heart transplant them at the University of Arizona, U.S. in 2002, including ten people were transplanted heart and lungs to them, and show the different feelings and Tabaúahm after the transfer process, and among them a young man of 18 years he was composing poetry, playing musical certain only that he was killed in a car accident, and after that moved his heart to another girl called «Danny» The 18-year old, and after his departure a year managed the research team that combines the girl was transferred heart her and the man's family of the deceased, and when I entered the girl to their house went to the piano and played the music, and songs that he would prefer he played accompanied, although it was not learn to play or composing before, and the frequency of words of the songs that people keep them without prior knowledge of the words of those songs.
In another case a woman had received a lesbian from lesbian 29-year-old heart of a 19-year-old woman and the love of men, and after the operation, turning sexual orientation of those women from women to men, already married to the man she loved after they had not tolerate the men's
Hadi lamp
* Immunology and consultant medical tests and a fellow of the American Academy of immunity

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