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Doctor "feminine" old Jordan "80 year" sodomized Showing sick!

Decided to Criminal Court in Jordan put a gynecologist at the age of '80' yearsimprisonment with hard labor for seven and a half years after being convicted of a felonyindecent assault and compensate the ten thousand dinars for moral damage, which has infected the complainant, while the judgment is subject to discrimination and distinctiveby virtue of the law.
According to the details of the case that the victim is in her late thirties came to the clinicsentenced for the purposes of treatment because they want to have children, agynecologist in the area Gardens was not the secretary or nurse at the clinic, but the doctor alone knowing that the old '80' years .. . and asked her husband to wait outsidethe examination room and was surprised it after I took off my clothes the bottom in order to check that he assaulted them and harassed her and asked her to have sex, but she refused and took the crying, prompting her husband to go into and try to hit the doctor'sold and then told her husband the police and filed a complaint against him was arrestedhim and referred to the Criminal Court having jurisdiction.

U.S. company sues "B. M. W" after his motorcycle turned to Viagra!!

أمريكي يقاضي شركة
Strange news indeed, but worthy of follow-up. U.S. man has decided named Henry Wolfprosecution Company "B.M.W" Germany's famous, not because of mechanical failure occurred on his motorcycle, not because of a technical fault, but because of its biological effects, because it made ​​him ... "A cause".


In pictures: Britain's Queen appear in the same dress six years ago to avoid the opulence

Keen Queen Elizabeth II of Britain to wear the same coat in public for more than fiveyears, during more than 12 public event, and often wears his hat with the color of prune, where she coat for the first time in December 2006 on the day of festival Christmas inSandringham.

«Lightning» shock 26 people in India

DpaNews reports said on Monday that the lightning shocked at least 26 people during thestorms that blew the two states in India.

To find documents about al-Qaeda attacks in Europe in the pornographic film

Officials in the U.S. intelligence that the German police managed to find dozens of attacks on encrypted documents prepared by al-Qaeda in Europe in the pornographic film was in possession of an Austrian man was arrested in Germany after his return from Pakistan last year.

Aircraft travel to outer space

British engineers began to experience engine will make the aircraft capable of reaching outer space and travel to any region in the world within 4 hours. 

Sports leave the training camp to display underwear

Albarraguanah spear aimed to perceive Franco irritate their coaches after leaving the preparations for the Olympic Games in London in 2012 and heading for the fashion house.

Australian artist invites visitors to the exhibition to take off their clothes and walk around naked!

فنان أسترالي يدعو زائري معرضه إلى خلع ملابسهم والتجول عراة في أنحائه!
With high air temperature over the weekend, he called on the Australian artist, Stuart Ringholt, visitors to the exhibition, to take off their clothes and walk around naked.

British surgeons They cut the testicles 70 patients by mistake!

جرّاحون بريطانيون يستأصلون خصيتي 70 مريضاً عن طريق الخطأ!
British surgeons testicles Resect 70 patients by mistake, or they remove one of themwas able to maintain if they intervened early.

Britain: Thieves are stealing snakes ownership

بريطانيا: لصوص يسرقون أفاع ملكية
Thieves stole a number of snakes of the type property of snakes up to $ 20 thousandpounds from a house in the British county of Kent.
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) today announced that thieves stole 29snake hesitation that it has sentimental value of a house in Chernis.
She said that the Kent Police confirmed that the snakes can get burned if thesponsorship is not properly.

Reward Saudi man and two million riyals Chadian children rescued from house fire - Video

العاهل السعودي يكافئ سعودياً وتشادياً بمليوني ريال لإنقاذهما طفلاً من حريق منزل - فيديو
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, rewardingcitizen and resident of one million riyals each in recognition of it for their heroic work to save a child from a fire at his family home in Jeddah.

Libby goes a son, 2/2 for compensation of the missing

ليبى يقطع ابنه نصفين للحصول على تعويضات المفقودين
Revealed in the Libyan city of Benghazi, the identity of a young killer who has been missing since the events of the Libyan revolution on February 17 of last year that his father and uncle, its dead for damages missing during the war that the country has witnessed.

Requiring a university in Saudi set alone with a girl volunteer work, "60" hours inside the headquarters of the University

إلزام جامعي سعودي ضبط في خلوة مع فتاة بالعمل التطوعي
District Court issued Qatif province on Monday sentenced a substitute is requireduniversity students (24 years) volunteer work for sixty hours in the headquarters of the University; to meet alone with his arrest in an illegal with a girl on the Corniche in Qatif.

Sentenced to death by hanging on the Jordanian killed his lover and then lit on fire because her family refused to marry him

حكم بالاعدام شنقا على أردني قتل حبيبته ثم اضرم النار فيها بسبب رفض اهلها تزويجها له
Criminal Court issued a major Jordanian sentenced to death by hanging after being convicted of killing Jordan and his girlfriend set fire to it because her family refused to marry him, according to judicial sources said.

Greek photographer captures images of a rare tree in the form of a crocodile opens its mouth wide open

مصور يوناني يلتقط صوره نادرة لشجرة على شكل تمساح يفتح فمه على مصراعيه
Able Christobliss photographer Chris, take a picture of a rare tree falling due to heavysnowfall through the island of Evia near the city of Athens in the form of a crocodile.

Australian lawyers paid to 154 thousand dollars to raise sheep!

أسترالي يدفع للمحامين 154 ألف دولارا من أجل تربية نعجته !
Undertaking an Australian citizen to continue his battle to raise sheep "Ba" in the courtyard of his home, after losing a lawsuit for the second time in this regard amounted to attorney's fees in the case of 150 thousand Australian dollars (154 thousand U.S. dollars).

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