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Kaka admits the Qur'an is not from the words of humans, but did not announce his conversion to Islam

Denied the imam of a mosque Guarulius in Brazil Khaled Taqi al-Din to be Kaka may say a brief prayer in front of him as reported by Web sites and stressed Taqi al-Din that "Kaka" is a devout Christian, followed by the Evangelical Church, and most important their donors, adding that the spread of the news widely, no doubt that stems from the desire of many people to convert to Islam, a famous person.
According to Khaled Taqi that Kaka listen to the Qur'an and said, "I bear witness that he is not from the words of human beings", but it did not announce his conversion to Islam, and still on the Christian religion, asserting that Kaka sophisticated model of the player Kellouk esteemed head of the family who must follow his example.
Although Takieddine cut any doubt, about the story of Kaka with Islam, but reported on the lips of Brazilian star Kellouk on the Holy Quran clearly reflects the deep respect for Kaka of Islam and Muslims.
The Kaka morals high is actually said Taqi al-Din a model and ideal for young people, perhaps from the viewpoint of some of the best players Muslim origin and identity, but they do not have the high moral standing and commitment to family that enjoyed by Kaka, especially if some players Muslims are doing, unfortunately, behavior close to the deviation and do not provide a good image and reflect the true Islamic values ​​and principles venerable.
Source: Arabic

Colin cause new troubles to her husband, Ronnie

After congratulating Liverpool Carling Cup win
Colin cause new troubles to her husband, Ronnie
روني مع زوجته كولين
Caused the wife Manchester United star and England's Wayne Rooney in the new troubles of her husband, after having congratulated the Liverpool Football Club for winning the Carling Cup football, which raised the ire of fans of Manchester United that Liverpool is a sworn enemy of their team.
She wrote the famous fashion model Colin on the social networking site "Twitter" expressions of congratulations to Liverpool after being crowned the Cup at the expense of Cardiff, to find a lot of fans of Manchester United attacking because of this greeting.
Colin and provoked many fans Alionatad who wrote them on the same site are asking for the truth of these congratulations, to respond is yes, what was the fans, but they directed sharp words and insults her and her family.
Not only that, but Colin told those fans who attacked her are encouraging for Liverpool since her childhood, which raised the fans are great and exciting.
This is not the first time that caused Colin to problems for her husband, where they had lost two years ago, a camera of their own is inside photographs for her and Rooney before he accuses people who steal it, and turned the case to court after the accused persons stole the camera and the blackmail money to be returned and not to publish images through the media .
In other hassles for Rooney, called Colin her husband in a full-time to improve its appearance to fight baldness, where invited him to go to a plastic surgeon at a clinic known to start phase planting his hair, which he did and booking sessions treatment during the week-day, each about eight hours.
And listed the British media earlier last year and caught Rooney shaving his eyebrows at the behest of his wife, Colleen, which raised the subject of social networking sites is controversial about the eyebrows golden boy of English football.

Source: Arabic

New details about the base coach who was arrested by Egypt

Mohammed Ibrahim denied Irons, a leader of al Qaeda to the Egyptian airport authorities, the argument raised by the security services and the Egyptian media as being the third man to al Qaeda and nicknamed "The Sword of Justice".
Irons said during his interrogation: "My relationship with the organization and Osama bin Laden cut off several years ago because my belief in their thoughts, and feelings of being an American industry."The irons in his remarks made at the Cairo airport, and carried by gate-Ahram, "I did not plan or implement any plans of their own over the years that I lived in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and this rumor stands behind security and intelligence services in Egypt during the reign of former president and the state security apparatus" .
The story is about his return to Egypt, said Irons, "after the revolution of January 25 fell some martial of a group of leaders, and became I have confidence in the Egyptian judiciary. As I am not required in any case did not issue me any provisions, and for this I thought of return."
As for the story of leaving Egypt, he explained Irons said: "I was working as an officer armed forces and filed resignation after the Camp David, did not accept the resignation for fear of provoking public opinion in the Egyptian army or incite the masses affecting the completion of the Convention, and the problems started after that, was I was arrested and accused of the heart of the system of government, and then released me because it was a trumped-up case, I was transferred several places of the armed forces and traveled to Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, and I joined the Mujahideen of Afghanistan and got married and gave birth to five children. "Irons: I am not "sword of justice"The coffee: "I am ready to face any security agency can prove that I" The Sword of Justice "is another person called" Mohammed Salah Zeidan "He was a reserve officer before the armed forces, and the reincarnation of my personality and I claimed it is."
He accused the coffee, the Egyptian security authorities, it is leaked that its database, although it is well aware of his personality.
He continued: "After the death of bin Laden, it was said that he was appointed the leader of al Qaeda, but I lied at the time this statement, several interviews, but unfortunately was amputated the truth."
And how his return to the country, said he had contacted the Consulate of Egypt in Pakistan students to return to Egypt, leaving the phones of his family and request special guarantees on his return to Egypt not to investigate him, but they did not give him any guarantees, and then contacted him to arrange his return, and booked a ticket back to Cairo to be paid in later.
He said: "I was more than five attempts to assassinate me, was kidnapped one of my children not to speak about the heinous acts of the United States and Israel, and I returned to Egypt after they fed me to live there, but the lack of financial resources, especially after cutting my pension from the armed forces two years ago, and that wasOne of the key factors to return.Secrets of coffeeThis has revealed Nizar's lawyer crow Islamic groups and the deputy in the People's new details about the personal coach Mohammed Ibrahim Makkawi in al Qaeda, which was arrested by Egyptian authorities on Wednesday at the airport in Cairo from Pakistan across the UAE and handed over to the Supreme State Security Prosecution.
He said the "Arab. Net", "The Muhammad Ibrahim Makkawi" arrested today is the alias Abu Mundhir "He was an officer in the Egyptian stun weapon in the eighties of the last century," denying initial reports circulated by the media in Cairo as the sword of justice.He said that the latter is a former officer with a weapon umbrellas Salah Mohammed Zidane is married to the daughter of the leading jihadist Abu al-Walid Mustafa Hamid was an officer in the Airborne.
The Nizar crow "that Irons and known as Abu Warner, who was arrested today traveled from Egypt to Afghanistan in 1987 and had been arrested before, and had belonged to a jihadist cell in Egypt, led by two leading figures Essam lunar, who was major in the armored corps of Egypt and Abdul Aziz sentences the defendant now in the case of returnees from Albania.
He said Nizar crow "joined Abu Mundhir coffee or al-Qaeda in 1988 when he was traveling for jihad in Afghanistan allowed him, but he disagreed with the leaders of al Qaeda and accused them of killing members of the organization in the operations of a failed and ill-considered."Sign of the collapse of the thought of "Al Qaeda"He d. Ibrahim successful member of the Shura Council of the Islamic group that coffee is not doomed in any case in Egypt, as it came two days after the release of health for the former leader of Jihad Muhammad Shawqi Islambouli brother Khaled Islambouli fought former President Anwar Sadat. "
And ends with d. Successful Ibrahim to the result of an important indication of a return to some of the figures of al Qaeda, such as Shawqi Islambouli and irons to Egypt, as a sign of the collapse and dismantling of thought and al Qaeda after the revolutions Arab spring, and that these revolutions confirmed the failure of al-Qaeda violence in the change and disturbance of thought, but proved harm of violence in terms of drained for years to the age of the leaders without any avail.

Source: Arabic

The Assad regime to hand Amr Pope 7000 soldiers

According to Syrian opposition defending the district Baba Amr besieged in the city of Homs more fighting occurred during the night, and said they face no less than seven thousand soldiers loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.
The dominant Rumaidh, a top military official Syrian free dissident, Reuters, early on Thursday; The orders were issued to the opposition forces in other parts of Syria for the escalation of fighting against government forces, in order to ease the pressure on Homs, which are exposed to persistent artillery shelling and missiles for 26 days.
He said Rumaidh, a member of the junta's Revolutionary top, which oversees the Syrian army free, "The bombing continues ... to try to exhaust the forces of the army and free draining energies .. and the army free to have a small-arms .. mortars and machine guns, medium and light .. This is the maximum depends upon the Syrian army's free. "
He added: "It will be Pope Amr that broke the back of the system from Qamishli east to shield the south, and to Idleb north .. Today all battalions of the Syrian army a free contact us, and threaten military action to avenge the attack on the Pope AMR, and operations to disrupt the arrival of supplies to Homs" .
Rumaidh said, speaking from an area in Turkey near the border with Syria, Assad is counting on the invasion of Baba Amro, which has become a symbol of the uprising to send a message that pouring water over the revolution in Syria.
He added: "There are at least 7,000-Asadi ... I can not give an exact figure on the numbers of the Syrian army in the free Baba Amr."
He said: "I was in special forces before they split, and I saw how a fighter, and one that can block the entire regiment ... always the strongest defender of the attacker, and the fighting spirit when our heroes in the heat of the Syrian army is stronger than the regular army."
Rumaidh but admitted that the armed opponents in Baba Amr face their superior armed forces, saying: "But when the rebels shot at the Pope Amr respond to them with tanks, and this shows the weakness of the system ... the system thinks that pouring water on a revolution in Syria Baba Amr .. every Syrian city AMR will be the Pope. "
Diplomats said earlier that the Army's Fourth Armored Division Syrian offensive in order to eliminate the armed opposition in Baba Amr.
And gained the fourth Armored Division, led by Maher Assad, the younger brother of Syrian president, a bad reputation, to use force without mercy, in an attempt to crush the uprising against the government over the past year.

Source: Arabic

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are greeted with open baby boy

People magazine said on Tuesday that the famous couple Jennifer Garner and BenAffleck approached Monday their third child, a male child.

The magazine did not provide further details.

She married Garner - which gained fame from the television series "Elias" Alias ​​- fromactor and director Ben Affleck in June 2005 in a special ceremony in the Caribbean.

The couple had their daughter Violet in December, the first in December 2005 and the second daughter Serafina in 2009.

The couple - both in the thirty-ninth of age - had announced in August last year, it'sexpecting a baby III.

Source: Reuters

U.S. company launches first private space ship this year

The company Virgin Galactic's Virgin Group, owned by Richard Branson to launch the first test spacecraft outside the Earth's atmosphere this year.
Officials said that the company will begin commercial passenger service in 2013 or 2014.
And scored about 500 client names for a trip in a spaceship SpaceShipTwo 2 that nine six passengers and two pilots, manufactured and test them Scaled Composites company engaged in aviation and space, which was founded by aircraft designer Burt Rutan and now owned by Northrop Grumman.
The cost of the ticket per person and $ 200 thousand will fly the ship at an altitude of 109 kilometers to give passengers the opportunity to experience the lack of gravity for a few minutes and see the planet are you on the back of the vast space.
Said Neil Armstrong, who was a pilot test the research aircraft X -15 sixties before he became the first U.S. astronaut landing on the moon, "the area below the orbit with a lot can be done. This region has been largely absent for nearly 40 years."
Armstrong said for about 400 people attending the next generation of research area below the orbit, which was held in Palo Alto, California, "Henk many opportunities. Really hope to be some new directions profitable and useful."
And Virgin Galactic is one of the few leading the development of spacecraft for tourism and research, education and trade.
Said William Pomerantz, deputy director of Virgin Galactic for private enterprise in his speech at the conference that SpaceShipOne 2 is the first of five spaceships take place within the company's fleet and that it has completed 31 flights in the test space.
And being prepared for the first trip on a rocket factory in California, the company is expected to launch this year outside the earth's atmosphere.
Source: Reuters

Expectations that cancer kills 1.3 million people in the European Union in 2012

Shows new research published on Wednesday that about 1.3 million people die of cancer in the European Union this year, but the disease death rates are declining.

The study included all types of cancer across the EU, which includes 27 countries thatmen are more likely to die from malignant disease compared to women and that "significant decline" in the number of deaths from breast cancer would reduce mortality rates among women.

Despite this, the breast cancer remains the leading cause of cancer death among women in the European Union, while the lung cancer - which is caused mainly bysmoking or inhalation of cigarette smoke - is the most cancer-causing death amongmen.

Predicted by researchers from Italy and Switzerland in their study, published in the journal Oncology that rates of cancer deaths in the European Union between 139 casesper 100 thousand men and 85 cases per 100 thousand women in 2012.

They said that compared to cases of confirmed deaths in 2007 - the latest year covered by the World Health Organization data for mortality rates in most countries of the European Union - these figures represent a decline of 10 percent among men and 7percent among women.

Source: Reuters

CNN. That. Leaving: an explosion near the headquarters of the ruling party in Istanbul

CNN said. That. That leave had been an explosion in a car near the headquarters of the ruling Justice and Development Party in Istanbul, injuring five police officers.

A witness said during a telephone conversation, "there are infected. Ambulances rushedto the scene after the explosion."

Source: Reuters

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