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Boy kills his mother and sister in Hong Kong to resolve the problem of population in the world

A news report said on Thursday that he was detained a boy (15 years) in a psychiatric hospital indefinitely after he killed his mother and his sister because he sees that there are a lot of people in the world.

According to the newspaper "South China Morning Post said," If Ka Leung Satora used to kill his mother and his younger sister, and then said to the men in the ambulance later thatthe world would be better environmental citizens less the existence of it.

And was denied (26 years), two counts of murder, which are two to him, but admittedmanslaughter due to diminished responsibility which is accepted by the prosecution.

The reports that were presented to the Court, that was suffering from schizophrenia and the court ordered him detained for an indefinite period one of the psychiatric hospitals, during the hearing which took place on Wednesday.

He said that was described by his teachers as a good student that he intended to continueto kill "all the bad guys," but call an ambulance because he hit his hand accidentally.

Source: Seventh Day

Bab Azizia .. Fort horror Libya previously

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Murad Muhammad bin
Is no longer a "door-Azizia" - the residence of Colonel Libyan late Muammar Gaddafi - surrounded by an aura of mystery about something to hide walls, The place which has been a fortress closed for many decades now become an open market is visited by young and old to discover and shopping since his downfall at the hands of forces, rebels February 17.
Is "Bab Azizia" heavily fortified in the heart of the capital Tripoli on an area of ​​six square kilometers in the center of neighborhoods popular site from almost all sides, and next to the highway leading to Tripoli International Airport.
Tripoli is not intended population or visitors to the place just shopping, they come motivated by love to look at and search for answers their questions Troy hungry to learn some secrets of "resident Azizia," which was not just a palace inhabited by Gaddafi in that it includes a number of military barracks and security.

FeaturesTo enter the door in its New Azizia you have to cross over the wreckage of three walls of concrete, broken fences behind the scene seem nested among the trees and houses and rubble overwhelming the place.
But the rubble did not prevent a number of traders from coming to display their goods, different, everything is available from the shoes and clothes, toys, household items and purposes used, to chickens and birds and dogs.
Shoppers walk around and examine the exhibits between this and ask for that price, and some of them take advantage of his coming to eat some snacks, which spreads sold in all the places between traders.
For most children it seems that they are not interested in those who lived behind the walls of Bab Azizia, Vallab which is the weapons are their top concern and the sounds of fireworks overwhelm the voices of traders who are calling for Bosaarhm.

Is it significantHe also spoke of sincere - a Libyan citizen was shopping with his children - of the island, standing in front of the door of the private hospital Gaddafi after he had finished his tour in the market, he says that "I think that this will ever perish, but Hallelujah here we wander in," he adds, "by virtue of closeness from where I lived and I have a curiosity to know what is going on inside this fort. "
He adds, "I preferred if they are not burning the palace is not anything here so as not to alter the features of the place could become a park or the palace museum for those who want to visit. Probably not important to visit the home of Gaddafi now, but after years it will be important to walk around our children here, especially When talking about a revolution February 17. "
Asked about the significance is to choose this place specifically as a market, said Ali Salem - a Thelatini works in the sale of equipment, copper - "Our presence is not agreement, but the semantics really, there is a secret today that a number of remnants of the former regime or the so-called" fifth column ".. Our presence here might remind them of climate conditions and lack of permanence and possibly bring them back to their senses and reminds them that the era of Gaddafi's been irreversible."
He says Salem, "do not hide that I had a fright in the beginning of the entry, and most importantly I had lessons and a lesson from this conclusion," referring to the ability of the general will of the people for change, he said, "In the past certain that the Abu Salim prison will not accommodate anyone who might think to roam in front of the door Azizia. "

The point of the family
And take advantage of families the opportunity to market to buy their needs at competitive prices, says Ahmed Abdul Salam, who return shopping of this place since the fall of the regime, "I live in Mansoura, means Gaddafi neighbor, but we did not know about this placesomething, and this is what I was hoping to see him before the revolution and this I am here not only to shop but I want to know how he lived? now I walk around in the hospitalnext to his house. "

For the same purpose came Abdullah Abdul Salam, a university student had the opportunity to enter the door Azizia before the fall of the regime, and notes "it is not easy todistinguish what it was this fort, fires destroyed the features of homes and the hospital, andas you can see there are no effects of house reception of guests, who was in the form oftent adjacent to the house of Gaddafi, who he calls home steadfast. "

According to Maher Ibrahim - a dealer in used cars for - "It is not easy to visit this placeand not more than Qnaatk that the money people to the people."

He adds, "I hope that the fences are removed completely, though I was the best if not the burning and destruction of the inside and turn the place to park."

At the door Azizia There are a number of Libyan families who lived here because they have no homes, and wrote on the wall that the store is dedicated to residential so do notworry about the visitors.

Source: Al Jazeera

"Mega Ablod" appeal the ruling

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Resume Dotkom Kim (38 years), the site "Mega Ablod" a judicial decision, New Zealand, keep it in prison, while the United States is trying to convince the authorities of that country to deport him to face charges of violations of intellectual property rights, which are of interest resulted in closure of the site.
The New Zealand Court refused last week to release on bail Millionaire Dotkom grounds that he has money and knowledge that may allow him to flee his country to Germany, which does not extradite its own nationals to the United States.
It was decided to maintain the Dotkom held until 22 of the month, pending the trial.
Paul and his lawyer said her client Davidsn that would appeal today, calling for his release to prepare his defense, stating that he seek treatment of patients with diabetes and high blood pressure, and no fear of his escape because its assets were frozen, and his family are in Auckland, New Zealand.
New Zealand authorities are holding dot com - which was his real name before he legally changed by how much Schmitz - since police raided his home in Auckland two weeks ago.
Interest to U.S.Prosecutors say that the U.S. "Mega Ablod" and the sites linked to it of illegally earned $ 175 million, and cost the owners of intellectual property losses of half a billion, allowing access to pirated copies of films and television programs and other materials.
The prosecutor charged with blackmail the U.S. to seven people linked to the issue of "Mega Ablod", a site decides to close it.
But they were using "Mega Ablod" and they are now afraid to wipe their data after the decision to close the site, have been granted a grace period, after having stepped in a non-utilitarian called "the Electronic Frontier."
The association said Wednesday it - in cooperation with companies providing services for electronic storage - will set up a new website to help those who were using the "Mega Ablod" lawfully in the United States to gain access to their data.

Source: Agencies

Arab spring: differences threaten the Gulf initiative in Yemen

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Samir Hassan - Aden
Threatened to GPC in Yemen to take decisive action towards the Gulf initiative, in the absence of intervention mediators bays to require each Party to fulfill their own thing in terms of the executive mechanism.
The conference site Forums for a leading exporter in the party on Thursday as saying: "The Congress party in all its leaders and rules will be made a firm decision and severe if not working friends and brothers to save the initiative, to compel the other party to the implementation of the mechanism of chronic, without fragmentation or selective before the date of the next presidential election."
An exchange of accusationsThe last two days have witnessed an escalation of the media in an exchange of accusations between the leaders of the party, outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the JMP, after exposure of the Minister of Information Ali Urban Government in Concord last Wednesday for a failed assassination attempt carried out by unidentified gunmen.
On Thursday, I stopped newspaper revolution first official in Yemen for publication after the establishment of armed supporters of President Saleh surrounded the newspaper building in Sana'a and break into her office, to protest the deletion of the newspaper paragraph lighting that contain a valid image and goals of the Yemeni revolution of old, that have consistently posted higher first page in each number.
In an interview with Al Jazeera Net, played down the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, the leader of the JMP Mohammed al-Saadi of the seriousness of the threat of failure of the initiative on the Gulf.
Saadi said that it was trying to broadcast that information are those who have lost their interests and no longer can live only in the light of industry crises.
Gulf InitiativeHe stressed that the initiative Saadi Gulf is no longer a bone of contention or dispute by any party, and they are going with a high degree towards completing the requirements of the early presidential elections, under the supervision and care of international and regional organizations.
Although it referred to the existence of elements of sabotage and seeking to disturb the public tranquility, the Committee to re competent military security and stability and the removal of armed manifestations - as described - is making progress every day and positively in the right direction.
In response to a question of the island, a reflection of an assassination attempt on the Minister of Information on the Yemeni initiative, al-Saadi said that such events will not be an impediment to failure.
Saadi said that "investigations are currently underway to find out who is behind this crime, the results will be revealed soon by the security committee to investigate the problem immediately after the completion of the collection of information."

Presidential electionAnd go, politicians and observers to underestimate the seriousness of the controversy and its impact on the progress of implementation of the initiative Gulf, and the enforcement of the presidential elections on time set later this month.
According to professor of political science at the University of Sana'a, Abdullah al-Faqih that any attempt to thwart the implementation of the initiative is totally unlikely, especially in light of the current situation in Yemen and the Arab region.
Faqih said - in a statement of the island - that "there are forces trying to create obstacles and do not want the election to succeed the initiative to pre-empt, and dragging the country into chaos, but it attempts a limited impact at the regional and international efforts being made in Yemen."
He considered that the failure of a jurist in the elections on time specified will introduce a catastrophic situation for Yemen, which will push the international community and regional levels to the success of the elections, albeit in limited areas be set up to give legal validity to the next president to lead the country to safety.
SelectiveOn the other hand, criticized the press secretary to President Ahmed Yemeni Sufi conduct of the implementation of the Convention on the Gulf, saying that it is being dealt with in the implementation of a selective manner.
The mystic - in the interview of the island - "the initiative is still lack the element of sincerity, and we are talking about the Gulf initiative, not an actual default."
"At a time when all of the items in the initiative is supposed to provide the terms of the success of the whole, we see the security committee are removing barricades from the streets of the capital Sana'a and keep the heavy weapons held by militias."
He expressed his belief that the next election it is not available after the appropriate electoral climate, and said that "government of reconciliation still lacks consensual policy in the media and the field of economic policy."
He noted that the GPC has been left empty-handed has something not provided, while retaining the second party gains without partner to commit to the duties and responsibilities, as described.

Source: Al Jazeera

UN Declaration on Somalia by the end of famine

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International said in November that famine threatens 250 thousand Somalis (French - Archive)

The United Nations announced today that the agricultural crop is unusually good and heavy amounts of rain, in addition to food aid distributed by relief organizations, eliminated famine in Somalia, although the situation remained fragile, with a possibility to escalate.
The United Nations said that the crop was twice the size of crops throughout the past seventeen years, and this helped to lower the prices of food, although the mortality rate in southern Somalia is among the highest in the world.
However, the United Nations Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Somalia, Mark Bowden emphasized that "gains remain fragile and will turn to the contrary, without the continued support."

Warning of FamineThe United Nations announced last July for the existence of a famine in the two regions of southern Somalia, and then extended the warning of famine in the September / September to include six regions of eight.
The organization said that initially 750 thousand Somalis are at risk of imminent death from hunger, and then reduced the figure to 250 thousand last November.
After six months of the announcement of the Somali famine areas, there were four million are in need of assistance, the United Nations said that this number is now reduced to two and thirty-four thousand.
In spite of that the provision of assistance to some 180 thousand people living in camps in the capital Mogadishu has improved the situation but the fighting in the south and center of the country disrupted the arrival of food aid to most affected areas.
Government forces are battling al-Shabab Mujahideen fighters linked to al Qaeda five years ago, despite the entry of Kenyan and Ethiopian troops to Somalia last year to participate in the battles against the movement.
Red CrossAnd expelled youth movement last Monday the International Committee of the Red Cross - which is among the few international agencies that distribute food in areas under the control of young people - the international organization is accused of distributing expired foods on womenAnd children.
And crossed the International Committee of the Red Cross regrets the decision that halted the program distributed food to 1.2 million in the period from June to December / December 2011.
The Committee noted that 6% of the food supplies were spoiled withdrawn or destroyed by the youth.
The Director-General of the Organization of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Jose Graziano da Silva, "The crisis is not over and will not be deducted unless rainfall and consistently coordinated action over a long period to improve the speed of adaptation linked to population and development aid."

Source: Reuters

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